Sean Hannity Professes His Love For Trump Like a Giggling School Girl [VIDEO]

Donald Trump — again — appeared with Sean Hannity last night, and as is typically the case, you didn’t learn anything about the candidate that you didn’t already know as Sean Hannity has been in full pro-Trump propagandist for quite some time — even when he was pretending to be “fair and balanced” to all of the other GOP candidates that were in the race.

Hannity did try to make news in the interview, asking Trump to reward his sycophantic loyalty by revealing any upcoming “surprises” he may have for the convention.

Any surprises?” Hannity asked Trump.

“Could be, could be,” Trump mumbled, looking tired.

Hannity giggled like a school girl.

“You’re not giving me anything,” Hannity said. “You know, I am not the corrupt press. I’m actually the conservative,” he informed Trump, almost begging Trump to toss him a morsel.

“You happen to be right about that,” Trump responded.

“Well, I’m an opinion show, and I don’t hold back that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November,” Hannity announced — a real shocker.

“Thank you,” Trump affirmed.

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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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