Senator Mike Lee Calls for Donald Trump to Step Down as GOP Nominee [VIDEO]

Strong constitutional conservative Senator Mike Lee delivered a video statement on Facebook late Friday night, urging Donald Trump to drop out of the race following unearthed 2005 video that showed Trump cavalierly bragging about being able to sexually grope women without their consent, and getting away without them rejecting him because of his fame and fortune.

Speaking after Donald Trump’s attempt at an apology to the American people, a defiant one at that, Senator Lee said, referring to the Trump Tapes:

“It has occurred to me on countless occasions today, that if anyone spoke to my wife, or my daughter, or my mother, or any of my five sisters, the way Mr. Trump has spoken to women, I wouldn’t hire that person. I wouldn’t hire that person, I wouldn’t want to be associated with that person. And I certainly don’t think I’d feel comfortable hiring that person to be the leader of the free world.” 

Lee said that Americans have been asked to “settle time and time again” on matters of great principle with our candidate for president, Donald Trump and that “this can’t continue.”

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Lee asserted that Republicans have succeeded to the degree that they have honored and stood on certain principles, then directly addressed Donald Trump for calling the matter a “distraction” in his prepared video “apology.”

“With all due respect, sir, you sir, are the distraction. Your conduct, sir, is the distraction! It’s the distraction from the very principles that will help us win in November. You yourself, sir — Mr. Trump — have stated repeatedly that the goal — the objective — has got to be to defeat Hillary Clinton in November. 

I couldn’t agree more. It’s for precisely that reason, Mr. Trump, that I respectfully ask, with all due respect, you to step aside — step down — allow someone else to carry the banner for these principles. These principles that have made our country great…”

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Mike Lee said there is time to decide upon who will replace Trump, but we, as Americans must now decide upon the “what.”

“Let’s move forward,” Sen. Lee urged. “My fellow Americans and my fellow Republicans, let’s find a candidate who can carry that banner without distraction and without settling.”

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Lee’s announcement follow that of Illinois Senator Mark Kirk, who also asked Trump to drop out of the race, Congressman Jason Chaffetz, who reversed his endorsement, and Utah Governor Gary Herbert who did the same.


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