Senator Tim Scott to Kaepernick: Stop Disrespecting Our Flag [VIDEO]

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott made history, a Republican, made history in 2014 when he became the first black Senator elected to represent a southern state since Reconstruction. Scott made news again recently when he shared his own personal experience with discrimination as a black man in our nation’s capitol.

According to Scott, he has been pulled over by police in DC, stopped outside of his own office even though he was wearing his congressional pin, and was even denied entry to an event that his white staffers were allowed to enter. Despite these experiences, Scott refuses to join those who are protesting against the American flag during the National Anthem. Beyond that, he offered a strong rebuke of their actions, defense of the freedom the flag represents during, and a request for those protesting against America on a Thursday morning appearance on FOX and Friends.

Senator Scott defended the flag as the symbol of hope and opportunity for all of us.

“The fact that we have problems never gives you permission to disrespect our flag. Never should we ever find ourselves in a situation where we find the flag of the United States of America being antithetical to freedom. The flag flies for freedom.”

As he continues his powerful stand for the National Anthem and America, Sen. Scott explains that “the fact that some of us have to work to make sure that all of us experience our freedom means that we’ve made progress.”

In closing, Tim Scott said something that that challenges the narrative that Barack Obama, “the first black president of the United States,” pushes. Obama has offered his support of the protest against the American flag stating that such protests start a conversation. Scott believes that those protesting against Old Glory are actually making the focus not about whatever issue they are trying to represent but instead making the focus on themselves.

There’s no doubt that Senator Scott will face the wrath of the Left for his words since they expect all black people to march in lockstep. In fact, they find his mere existence as a Republican Senator so loathsome that he was accused by the NAACP of not believing in Civil Rights. Think about how ridiculous that is. A black senator from the South, who grew up in poverty but emerged to be a successful businessman and politician thanks to mentors in his life, was accused by the NAACP of not believing in Civil Rights because he doesn’t march in line with the Democrat, victimization agenda.

His experience not just with being stopped and questioned simply because of the color of his skin as well as his experience of being attacked by the Left makes Senator Tim Scott’s defense of America and our nation’s flag all the more powerful. He gets that America’s history is not perfect but people we have made tremendous progress. The fact that he is a sitting Senator representing a Southern state, the black person elected to do so since Reconstruction proves that point.

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