Sexual Predator Bill Clinton Accuses Bernie Sanders Supporters of ‘Sexist’ Attacks in BIZARRE Rant

As we head into New Hampshire, the Hillary Clinton Campaign is getting more and more desperate. Clinton scored a minor victory in Iowa and squeaked by with a fraction of a percentage point. However, the results are being contested as allegations of malfeasance continue to arise.

Even if we accept the Iowa results as legitimate, Clinton’s showing in the caucus was nothing short of pathetic and alarming for her campaign. For an established frontrunner and former presidential candidate to come so close to losing to a wild-eyed socialist with virtually no policy platforms beyond the redistribution of wealth is an embarrassment.

Her desperation is showing and it is evident by the increased efforts to play the “sexism” card. Her campaign has become so unhinged that they have even unleashed Hillary’s husband, former president and sexual predator Bill Clinton, to accuse Bernie Sanders and his supporters of sexist attacks against Hillary.

We all saw this coming, right? In 2008, those who wouldn’t vote for Barack Obama were racists. In 2016, those who won’t vote for Hillary Clinton are sexist. It appears that Mrs. Clinton is dedicated to sticking to the Democratic playbook.

In a bizarre rant at a stop in Milford, New Hampshire, the former president gave a 50-minute speech which began by extolling the supposed virtues of his wife and her policies.

The speech soon took a more-undignified tone as Clinton began taking shots at Hillary’s political opponent and accusing him of rampant sexism.

“‘Anybody that doesn’t agree with me is a tool of the establishment,’ ” Clinton said, mocking Bernie Sanders’ approach to label Hillary as an establishment Democrat.

Clinton attempted to shame New Hampshire voters, maintaining that the same New Hampshire who voted for him in 1992 should not abandon his wife at this crucial hour.

Then, the former president laid-into Sanders’ supporters and Sanders himself, attempting to link internet comments to the presidential campaign of Mr. Sanders.

Clinton even printed-out pages of comments to assert that the supposedly sexist internet comments are somehow indicative of the kind of alleged sexism in the Sanders Campaign.

“Vicious trolling,” he called the internet comments, “that are literally too profane often — not to mention sexist — to repeat.”

The Sanders campaign responded, calling Clinton’s tirade “disappointing.”
The disjointed diatribe by the former president falls far short of the kind of dignity that a former president ought to uphold. While Bill’s campaigning for his wife has long been the plan, the desperate shrieking likely did more harm than good as it telegraphed a vulnerability to those who were on the fence in New Hampshire, showing the low threshold that causes Hillary and her subordinates to unravel.

Further, it is nothing short of astonishing to see Bill Clinton, the serial sexual offender, posture as an upholder of the plight of women.

He may have been able to cherry-pick select comments from internet trolls, but for charges of misogyny to emerge from a man with a sordid history of sexual harassment and misconduct is not only deeply ironic, but deeply disturbing.

Indeed, the Hillary Campaign is full-blown panic mode.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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