SHAMEFUL: House Dems DISRUPT Moment of Silence for Orlando Victims

The aftermath of the horrendous Orlando massacre has brought out some of the worst divisions in America. Instead of focusing on radical Islam, the left has attempted to make this an issue connected to a supposed need for further Second Amendment infringements.

Liberals assert that the victims would be alive today if only Americans were willing to surrender their Second Amendment rights.

Funnily enough, I recall no liberal lawmakers calling for pressure cooker control laws in the aftermath of the Boston Bombing…

The partisan whining has reached such a fever pitch that the typically-classless Democrats in the House could not even muster agreeing to a moment of silence in respect of the victims of the massacre.

On Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan called for a moment of silence in the House. Instead, he was met with shouting from liberal lawmakers demanding gun control legislation.

“Where’s the bill?!” some shouted as Ryan attempted to restore order.

Other Democrats walked-out during the moment of silence in protest.

Assistant Minority Leader James Clyburn, after the moment had ended, demanded recognition from the Speaker and began discussing anti-Second Amendment bills that have yet to be brought to the floor.

Ryan, seeing that it was a moment he intended to use for grandstanding, denied him recognition.

Unbelievably, the House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, later criticized Ryan for refusing to recognize Clyburn and called the move “really disrespectful.”

Somehow, however, her party shouting and making a mockery of a moment of silence was not disrespectful.

The three bills referenced by Clyburn would not have stopped the Orlando terrorist from obtaining firearms. The bills referenced included a bill that would prohibit the sale of a firearm to someone in the event that the background check takes longer than three days (thus incentivizing government inefficiency), keep people who have been convicted of a “hate crime” from ever owning a firearm and keeping people on the terrorist watchlist from obtaining a firearm, even though the terrorist watchlist entails no due process and little oversight.

Ryan’s spokesperson, AshLee Strong, blasted the display and said that it was “shameful that anyone would try to use a moment of silence honoring victims of a brutal terrorist attack to advance their own political agenda.”

Several Democrats maintained that they objected to a moment of silence and demonstrated their supposed “compassion” by tweeting “#NoMoreSilence,” referencing a supposed need to act to restrict firearm ownership by law-abiding citizens under the misguided premise that terrorists will feel no hesitation to commit mass murder, but will hesitate to violate gun control laws.

The next time someone claims that Republicans are supposed obstructionists, recall that Democrats are so partisan that they could not even agree to committing to a moment of silence for victims of a terrorist attack on American soil.



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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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