Shameful: New Orleans City Council Votes to Tear-Down Their Monuments to Southern Heroes


As universities are ripped-apart by race hustlers and charlatans looking for preferred treatment, the rest of the nation is not faring much better in terms of race relations.

The left continues their war on police and departments in major cities have been rendered nearly impotent with the prospect that their every decision, even life and death ones that must take place in the blink of an eye, will be scrutinized and dissected for months and years.

While Americans encounter deep racial divides and the turmoil that goes with such divides, the racial tensions which threaten to destroy our nation from within do not merely tear-apart present-day America, but also threaten to paint-over the past.

Proud Southerners and patriots must watch as their heritage and history are sullied and condemned by virulent political correctness. After the shooting by Dylann Roof of a mainly-black church in South Carolina, the nation has endured a cultural jihad targeting all things Confederate.

From flags to the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard to gravestones of Confederate heroes, the left has shamefully targeted for destruction the heritage and history of the South.

Now, this cultural wrecking ball has reached The Big Easy.

New Orleans’ city council has voted to remove Confederate monuments to its heroes in order to cower to the political correctness bullies.

This includes a famous statue of Robert E. Lee that has stood for 131 years.

The council approved the removal of the city’s treasures with a 6-1 vote. The only holdout was Councilwoman Stacy Head who lamented,

“I asked for a compromise multiple times. But that compromise was not given any chance.”

The council’s vote will force the removal of the Lee statue, a statue of Southern hero Pierre Gustave Touting Beauregard, a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis and an obelisk honoring the Crescent City White League.

After the vote on Thursday, Democrat Mayor Mitch Landrieu celebrated and claimed that it was time to “reckon with our past.”

“The time surely comes when (justice) must and will be heard,” Landrieu told the council before the vote. “Members of the council, that day is today. The Confederacy, you see, was on the wrong side of history and humanity.”

Indeed, slavery as an institution was on the wrong side of history, but many, many proud Americans still hold that the Confederacy sought not to preserve slavery, but to preserve a premise of states’ rights that was in keeping with the intention of the Constitution- that the federal government holds no right to butt-into state affairs. If the federal government should become tyrannical, the states believed, it was acceptable to remove themselves from the tyrannical union.

Civil War historian and world-renowned expert on the Civil War and the catalysts of it declared in the ubiquitous Ken Burns documentary,

“Southerners would have told you they were fighting for self-government. They believed the gathering of power in Washington was against them… When they entered into that Federation they certainly would never have entered into it if they hadn’t believed it would be possible to get out. And when the time came that they wanted to get out, they thought they had every right.”

America has a painful racial past that, unfortunately, cannot even begin to heal over 150 years after the end of the Civil War because the wounds are so routinely ripped-open by racial extortionists and politically correct vengeance-seekers who work to destroy and oppress in the name of racial retribution.

My advice is this: travel to New Orleans to see Jackson Square and the famous Andrew Jackson statue that stands within. It is only a matter of time before the emboldened crusaders willfully forget Jackson’s saving of the city and take hammer and chisel to Ol’ Hickory.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
An unapologetic patriot and conservative, Greg emerged within the blossoming Tea Party Movement as a political analyst dedicated to educating and advocating for the preservation of our constitutional principles and a free-market solution to problems birthed by economic liberalism. From authoring scathing commentaries to conducting interviews with some of the biggest names in politics today including party leaders, activists and conservative media personalities, Greg has worked to counter the left’s media narratives with truthful discussions of the biggest issues affecting Americans today. Greg’s primary area of focus is Second Amendment issues and the advancement of honest discussion concerning the constitutional right that protects all others. He lives in the Northwest with his wife, Heather, and enjoys writing, marksmanship and the outdoors.

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