She Just Won’t Go Away! Hillary Clinton has her Eyes on Another Elected Office

Twice-rejected Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton must be so desperate to be in the public eye, to have people call her “Madame….whatever” that she is considering running for public office once again, despite being denied the presidency in 2008 when she was rejected by the Democrat Party in favor of then-little-known senator Barack Obama and in 2016 when she was rejected by Americans overall, except her coastal elite base, when she was defeated by real estate mogul, reality TV star, and non-politician Donald Trump. Hillary managed to lose to Trump despite raising and spending $1.2 billion, which was more than twice as much as Trump spent.

But, one thing you can say about Hillary. She won’t give up…at least not when it comes to her search for adulation, fortune, and fame. According to reports, Hillary Clinton is being encouraged and is considering running for a position that she may just have a chance to win.

Hillary Clinton may just run to become mayor of New York City.

Should Hillary decide to run for mayor of the Big Apple, she’d have to challenge her friend and current mayor, communist Bill DeBlasio, alias Warren Wilhelm, Jr, who is reportedly not very popular with Democrat brass in New York.

Speaking on condition on anonymity, a former Democrat official of the city told Newsmax, “She’s talking about it.” Another person added, “If she ran, she’d win.”

Hank Sheinkopf, a veteran Democrat consultant in New York, also spoke with Newsmax and said of Clinton, “would be a terrific candidate for mayor.” Sheinkopf cited Hillary’s popularity with the coastal elites of NYC in singing her praises.

“She is wildly popular among New Yorkers — so much so that were she to file, de Blasio would have to file his retirement papers on the same day.”

Since Hillary Clinton lost to Donald Trump and Democrat policies were resoundingly rejected throughout the country as is evidenced through Republican control of the U.S. House and Senate, governorships and state legislatures, and Hillary and the Democrats have been accused, even by some within their own party, of now being the party of coastal elites, it’s amazing that Hillary is considering running for an office that would reinforce that notion.

But, that is what happens when you spend your entire life and career seeking power. You crave it and will try to achieve it any way you can.

Here’s another interesting, and quite frankly pathetic, tidbit for you.

There are some who are encouraging Hillary Clinton to run for mayor of New York City so that she can remain in the public eye for a potential THIRD run for the presidency in 2020.

Please. No. In the words of Elsa from Frozen, “Let it go.”

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