Sheriff David Clarke: Charlotte Riots ‘Primitive’ and ‘Subhuman’ Behavior [VIDEO]

Milwaukee Country Sheriff David Clarke told Neil Cavuto of FOX News that the behavior of the rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday night, riots which resulted in the injury of at least a dozen police officers trying to stop the mayhem and anarchy, was “primitive” and “subhuman” and resembled the kind of reaction you’d typically see in a “third-world nation.”

After Cavuto pointed out that major news headlines in the Democrat Media Complex, ranging from the Washington Post to the New York Times, conveniently left out the fact that Keith Lamont Scott, the black man shot by a black police officer, was armed and refused to drop his weapon, according to police, Sheriff Clarke, as is always the case, did not mince words in describing both the media malpractice as well as the rioters’ behavior.

“It was done on purpose [the media leaving out that Keith Lamont Scott had a gun] to stoke up anger and resentment by the liberal mainstream media,” Sheriff Clarke asserted.

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“Look, what was on display last night was something was something that resembled something you’d see in third-world nations like Haiti. This doesn’t represent the good city of Charlotte, North Carolina in the United States. You saw primitive behavior on display — at best primitive behavior — and at worst subhuman as people just reacted to circumstances.”

“It’s not a socially acceptable response to people’s frustration and what they may not know,” Sheriff Clarke assessed.


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Matthew K. Burke
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