Sheriff David Clarke Gets his ‘Blackness’ Questioned; his Response Will Have You Cheering

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is not afraid to speak the hard truths, even when it is politically incorrect. He is not afraid to call out the Democrat party for their failed policies that have wreaked havoc on the black community. He is not afraid to call out the rioters, instigators, anarchists, and haters in the #BlackLivesMatters movement for their dangerous actions and racist attitudes while also taking a stand for the need for people to have personal responsibility for their actions. As a result, Sheriff Clarke has come under attack many times, but the latest attack is downright ugly and racist.

Mandela Barnes is a state representative who represents the Milwaukee area. With one statement, he not only insulted Sheriff Clarke, but perpetuates the racist narrative that all black people must think monolithically and be Democrats.

During a forum hosted by The Capitol Times in Madison, Rep. Barnes took a shot at Sheriff Clarke calling into question his “blackness.” He said, “We have one black countywide elected official . . . and I don’t even accept him as black.”

Reporters in attendance appeared a bit taken aback by the statement given their reaction. A Journal Sentinel columnist named Christian Schneider who was also on the panel asked a Capitol Times staffer, “All right. Are you tweeting this?”

As if they were asking for Barnes permission, he said, “You can tweet — you all have my permission to tweet that,” Barnes said.

On Tuesday night, during a forum discussing the presidential bid of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Barnes made similar statements, as reported by the Journal Sentinel.

During the discussion, Schneider noted that Walker had defeated an African-American opponent, state Sen. Lena Taylor, in heavily Democratic Milwaukee County.

Barnes then dismissed that idea, saying, “We only have one black countywide elected official in Milwaukee, and that’s David Clarke and he’s not any lefty by any means.”

“Right,” Schneider responded.

“So that one doesn’t count,” Barnes said.

“What?” asked a clearly baffled Schneider. “What are you talking about?”

“It doesn’t count that he beat an African-American because it doesn’t count, because it was a countywide election,” Barnes said. “We have one black countywide elected official and he’s . . . I don’t even accept him as black.”

Schneider concluded, “You are about to get tweet-stormed, by the way.”

“That’s OK,” Barnes said.

Sheriff Clarke, not one to be intimidated by anyone, was not shy in his dismissal of Barnes’ comments. Via email to the Journal Sentinel he said, “Mandela who? I had to look up his bio, and just as I thought, he’s a political lightweight, a community organizer, and nothing else. This mental midget was engaging in plantation politics.”

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Jennifer Burke
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