Sheriff David Clarke Gives Epic Press Conference Following Milwaukee Mayhem [VIDEO]

Sheriff David Clarke

“Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto.” ~ Sheriff David Clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is sick and tired of the nation’s police being scapegoated by racial groups causing mayhem and anarchy across the country and wasn’t afraid to use his bully pulpit to bring attention to the societal problems that eventually lead to the kind of mayhem that occurred in Milwaukee on Saturday night.

“There’s a lot of misunderstanding in terms of what causes these situations,” Sheriff Clarke said.

“Police use of force serves as an igniter — there’s no doubt — but to an already volatile mix of urban pathologies, failed urban policy that exacerbates inescapable poverty, failing public schools, inadequate parenting. Father-absent homes — we all know when fathers are not around to shape the behavior of young boys, they often times grow up to be unmanageable misfits that police have to deal with in an aggressive fashion.”

Sheriff Clarke asserted the “War on Police” is a political construct by the Left and is basically a recreation of what took place in the 1960’s to cause chaos in America.

“Same thing, same model, same subversive groups involved with different names now,” he contended.

Before giving a timeline of events that led up to the rioting, looting, and arson that included several local businesses being lit on fire, as well as many cars on Saturday night in Milwaukee.

Clarke said that the “social upheaval and chaos” that happened on Saturday must not be allowed to happen again, something he repeated throughout the press conference.

“We cannot ever repeat what happened last night,” Clarke proclaimed while announcing that additional resources and a plan were in place to address any residual efforts at destruction in the area.

Earlier in the day, Sheriff David Clarke called on Republican Governor Scott Walker to activate the Wisconsin National Guard. Walker complied, hoping to restore law and order to the area.

“Stop trying to fix the police. Fix the ghetto.” ~ Sheriff David Clarke

Sheriff Clarke made another politically correct announcement, reading off parts of the rap sheet of the armed man shot in self-defense by the police on Saturday night.

Clarke said that man who lost his life had 13 arrests, including first-degree felonies like “robbery, use of force,” that were dismissed for unknown reasons.

“I’m not going to blast the prosecutor’s office at this point, however, somebody outta go back and look and see why. There has to be a reason. That’s part of accountability.” 

The Milwaukee Police Department reported that the armed criminal who lost his life was black and the police officer defending himself was also black, making it inconvenient for communist front terrorist groups like Black Lives Matter to claim the shooting was racially motivated.

Watch below via FOX News:

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