Sheriff David Clarke Issues EPIC Challenge to Cop-Hater Beyonce [VIDEO]

Beyonce, a friend of the Obamas and a supporter of the anarchists in the #BlackLivesMatter crowd, made headlines at the Super Bowl with her black supremacist and anti-cop performance. She also made a music video that was so disgustingly anti-cop that I find it disturbing that so many people still support and listen to her raunchy, overly sexualized, culture rot contributing noise that she passes off as music.

After her very public contribution to the war on police, Beyonce found herself in need of the services of the men and women in blue. As she began her tour, she needed off-duty police officers as security at her concerts. It was at this time that Beyonce learned that actions have consequences. In numerous cities, cops would not sign up for the extra job to provide security at her concerts even though such extra jobs typically pay very good money. Good for them.

On Wednesday morning,  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Fox Business Channel’s “Mornings with Maria” to discuss the most recent group of police officers in Pittsburgh who are declining the extra security job, at time and a half, at Beyonce’s concert thereby leaving her again without the services of the men and women in blue for security at her concert.

Sheriff Clarke stood with the police officers who, he reminded the audience, risk their lives every single day as they serve their communities. He also pointed out the irony of a cop-hater now realizing how much she needs the American cops.

“How ironic that a cop-hating performer realizes she needs the American law enforcement officer to pull off her concert,” Sheriff Clarke said. “I don’t blame Pittsburgh’s finest for not volunteering for this assignment … I’m glad to see that they have enough morals to not – even at time-and-a-half – to volunteer for something like this.”

He then issued his epic challenge to Beyonce. Put your money where your mouth is and make amends with the men and women in blue by donating the proceeds of her concert to go to a fund set up for the families of officers killed in the line of duty.

“I’m going to give her a chance to reset with the American police officer,” Sheriff Clarke said. He added that while he doesn’t believe Beyonce will change her cop-hating ways, she could do a lot to mend fences by donating proceeds of tonight’s concert to go to a fund for slain officer’s families.

“She has no idea what it’s like for the American law enforcement officer. We’re willing to risk our lives. We don’t get into this to die, but we will if we have to save somebody else.”

Sheriff Clarke also pondered why Beyonce, who is filthy rich, doesn’t just pay for private security. After all, if she can use officers as targets, thereby influencing attacks against them that seem to be increasing on a daily basis, then why would she want them surrounding her. Doesn’t she send the message that they can’t be trusted?

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