Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Decades of Progressive Liberal Democrat Political Rule’ Led to Milwaukee Riots

On Monday night, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on Hannity on FOX News,making the case that the rioting that occurred in Milwaukee that past couple of nights wasn’t caused by a black cop shooting an armed black criminal, but were the result of several decades of “progressive liberal Democrat political rule.”

Sheriff Clarke, never one to bow to the false progressive god of political correctness, described the riots, looting, arson, and violence in Milwaukee as “culturally dysfunctional black underclass behavior” and said that the building up to the mayhem and anarchy “didn’t happen overnight.”

“This didn’t happen overnight. Several decades — three, four, five decades — of progressive liberal Democrat political rule here that has created the expansion of the welfare class — the expansion of the state of dependency.” 

Sheriff Clarke continued, citing a litany of depressing economic statistics like the City of Milwaukee’s 32-percent unemployment rate among black males and the 70-percent of children being born out of wedlock as contributing societal factors.

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Clarke said that these “questionable lifestyle choices” and “self-inflicted pathologies” are encouraged by the welfare state.

Sheriff David Clarke said that his hometown of Milwaukee never was like this growing up, that it was a blue-collar, middle-class town.

Clarke is correct about Democrat Party rule in Milwaukee. Other than electing three actual Socialists, the last time the city elected a Republican mayor was 1906 (in 1912, they elected a “Republican-Democrat).

Amazingly, several businesses that provide the much-needed jobs in the area were burned down on over the weekend by the same people who apparently need jobs.

Do they expect those businesses to come back? Why should they?


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