Shirt Worn by Colin Kaepernick Shows What’s Really Behind His Anti-American Stance

Second-string 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may sound like he’s concerned about racism, equality or justice, but what he was advertising during a post-game news conference was Marxism, the dirty little secret behind “Black Lives Matter” and other communist front groups.

As CBS Miami noted, the t-shirt adorned by the America-hating Kaepernick was a shirt emblazoned with Cuban communist butcher Fidel Castro and Malcolm X, which is underscored with the message, “Like Minds Think Alike.”

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Once Americans realize that movements like “Black Lives Matter,” funded by anti-American socialist globalist billionaire George Soros, are about destroying the American system in order to implement communism, the less they will be taken seriously and can be given the ridicule that they deserve.

Is Colin Kaepernick a communist or just a “useful idiot.” It doesn’t matter. As a good little comrade, he should volunteer to give 90 percent of his salary to the all-knowing, all-loving, all-caring, all-powerful government for what they call the “greater good.”

Will he do so? I doubt it.

You will note that none of the equality pimps like Sharpton, Obama, Jackson or other like-minded leftists like Colin Kaepernick, who’s guaranteed $11.9 million this year to sit the bench, never actually live in the equality “utopias” like Venezuela, North Korea or Cuba — where they would likely starve to death or be someone’s little bitch in a political prison.

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