SHOCK Claim: New Victims of Bill Clinton’s Sexual Assault About to Come Out

Miss the 1990’s and the multiple accusations of sexual abuse by then Democrat President Bill Clinton? Did you miss the Clinton machine demonizing and discrediting the victims of Bill Clinton’s sexual abuse as “nuts and sluts” or simply, “bimbo eruptions?”

Well, those days are about to return according to author of the New York Times bestseller “The Clintons’ War on Women,” Roger Stone.

In a blockbuster interview on The Sean Hannity Show, Stone told Hannity and his vast radio audience that he has identified 24 women who have been sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton.

“We’re going to see them [the victims] on TV as much as much as you’re going to see Hillary next fall.” 

“Now some of these women are still terrified. Some of them have had IRS audits. Some of them have had their families threatened,” Stone said, highlighting the Clintons’ attempts to silence the women.

“The bottom line is simple. She’s [Hillary Clinton] an accessory after the fact in Bill Clinton’s sex crimes,” Stone contended.

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“Are we talking about affairs, or are we talking about assaults?” asked Hannity.

“We’re talking about assaults,” declared Stone. “I don’t want to get out ahead of myself but I think as Broaddrick, and [Kathleen] Willey, and [Paula] Jones speak out, other women are encouraged who have been assaulted, who have been threatened by Hillary are encouraged by the courage of those three women.”


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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