SHOCK: Trump ENDORSES Three of the Biggest Establishment RINO ‘Cuckservative’ Globalists in Congress

Donald Trump endorses establishment RINO squishes Paul Ryan, Kelly Ayotte, and John McCain

Current Republican nominee Donald Trump went into full cuckservative (look it up, it’s the favorite term of Trump cultists) mode on Friday, not only endorsing pro-amnesty, pro-TPP RINO Paul Ryan , but also shockingly endorsed to of the other biggest RINOs in the U.S. Senate, Kelly Ayotte and John McCain .

Seriously, if you wanted to come up with a list of the worst RINOs in America, you could not get a better start than these three.

But on Friday, these are the three big government, pro-amnesty establishment Trump endorsed during a campaign rally, this despite the fact both McCain’s and Ryan’s primary opponents, Kelli Ward and Paul Nehlen, respectively, had heaped lavish praise on the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor.

Literally just two days ago, Trump bashed John McCain, telling FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly:

“I’ve never been a big fan of John McCain and I just hate the way our veterans have been treated by John and other people. I hate it.”

But on Friday, surprisingly (or not!) Donald Trump was singing an entirely different tune altogether:

“I hold in the highest esteem Senator John McCain and I fully support and endorse his reelection.” 

Reading from a prepared text, Trump used and abused the 80/20 Reagan rule to justify his endorsements, even though the trio’s Conservative Review Liberty Scores (see above) put them all in the same categories as many Democrats, all receiving a score earning them an “F” or failed rating. They are hardly in the 80 percent range.

Trump said part of his “Make America Great Again” campaign is to endorse RINO Paul Ryan , who along with Bendover Boehner is responsible for funding every Obama tyranny that he requested, including Obamacare, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the Iran Deal, which gave the Islamic terrorist state $150 billion in order to fund terrorism against the United States and Israel.

It’s really going to be interesting to see the reaction of Trump cultists, who will no doubt call this “Mr. Trump sacrificing for the good of the country” or other nonsense.


John McCain’s primary challenger, former Arizona State Senator Dr. Kelli Ward, issued the following statement following Trump’s unexpected endorsement of RINO John McCain, who in 2010, campaigned on “build the danged fence.” Instead, he immediately fought for amnesty for illegal aliens, even though the State of Arizona is getting ravaged by illegal aliens.

“Once he’s elected president, Donald Trump will need a strong partner in the U.S. Senate to Make America Great Again, and that partner is not John McCain, the ultimate establishment insider and Hillary’s favorite Republican, who has repeatedly trashed Trump and his supporters on issue after issue. John McCain is the champion of compromise, open borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, and the importation of Islamist refugees– the exact opposite of the agenda that will win Donald Trump the White House.

“The establishment is frantic because they know how close John McCain is to losing and what a signal that would send. Fortunately, we are gaining ground every day, and we have the resources to score a historic upset victory on August 30 when Arizonans honor John McCain’s four decades in DC with retirement and replace him with a conservative champion who will finally heal the VA and mix the mortar to fix the border.”

Paul Ryan’s primary opponent, businessman Paul Nehlen, issued a perplexing statement, claiming that Trump’s endorsing Paul Ryan somehow showed just how great of a leader he is:

“Given his stature as our party’s official nominee, Mr. Trump’s decision to support the Republican Speaker is appropriate and is a display of true leadership,” Nehlen said.

“Mr. Trump’s early refusal to endorse Ryan sent a clear signal to Wisconsin voters that Ryan is not his preferred candidate in this race. Speaker Ryan’s globalist agenda stands in clear opposition to the will of the Republican electorate, who want safe communities, immigration control, smart trade deals, and leaders who put the needs of the American people first,” continued Nehlen.

“Indeed, Paul Ryan is the most open borders, anti-worker, pro-Wall Street member of Congress in either party,” said Nehlen.

“Mr. Trump understands that in his official capacity as our party’s standard-bearer, the Republican Party must unite ahead of November’s elections to fix the critical issues facing our nation,” said Nehlen. “But Speaker Ryan has shown no such commitment to party unity. Ryan has undermined our nominee at every turn—even as he pretends to have endorsed him—and Ryan continues to push his radical, donor class agenda, which Republicans across the country have clearly rejected,” Nehlen said.

“One thing is clear: the Republican electorate is united in its opposition to Ryan’s extreme policies on the critical issues facing our country today,” said Nehlen.

“According to data from Pew, 92 percent of the Republican electorate opposes Ryan’s fringe position on immigration, only 11 percent of Republican voters think Ryan’s trade agenda will raise wages, and a majority of Wisconsin Republican voters think Ryan’s trade agenda will take away jobs,” said Nehlen.

“Whereas Mr. Trump’s “America First” agenda appealed to a record number of Republican voters, Speaker Ryan’s “Donors First” agenda lost Republicans the 2012 election—an election, in which Ryan lost his home state and his hometown so profoundly that Republican consultants declared the Party “dead” and even issued the Party’s autopsy,” Nehlen said.

“Unlike Speaker Ryan, Mr. Trump has made clear that this election is not about himself and is not about advancing his own personal agenda,” said Nehlen. “Speaker Ryan should take note: Mr. Trump is showing Speaker Ryan how to lead, and when we win this election on Tuesday, I look forward to working with a President who will, at long last, fight to put the interests of America and her citizens first,” Nehlen concluded.

The Nehlen-Ryan contest will be decided next Tuesday by Wisconsin voters, while Kelli Ward will face off against John McCain on August 30.

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