Shocking Allegations Against Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Could be a Game Changer

There is a huge claim being levied against Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby by the attorneys representing the six Baltimore police officers facing charges ranging from misconduct to second-degree murder in the death of Freddy Gray, 25, who died as a result of injuries suffered while in police custody.

The attorneys filed a motion in court on Thursday accusing Mosby of withholding information regarding a previous attempt by Gray to injure himself while in police custody, prior to his April 12 arrest. In addition, they allege that Mosby had a “private meeting” with the medical examiner, Assistant Medical Examiner Carol Allan, who conducted Gray’s autopsy prior to the report being released. The defense attorneys say that Mosby has not turned over any of that information or evidence over to them.

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According to the Baltimore Sun, the defense stated in their motion that Mosby’s office withheld “multiple witness statements from individuals who stated that Mr. Gray was banging and shaking the van at various points” after his arrest April 12, as well as “police reports, court records, and witness statements indicating that on prior occasions, Mr. Gray had fled from police and attempted to discard drugs.”

Mosby’s office declined to comment, but previously claimed to have given the defense all the evidence to which they were entitled.

Defense attorneys also stated that they have evidence that a prosecutor in Mosby’s office went judge shopping in an effort to get a warrant for the officers’ cell phones. Logs from April 7, defense attorneys say, show that Albert Peisinger, assistant Baltimore State’s Attorney, contacted Baltimore Circuit judge Timothy Doory to sign off of the warrant, which had already been denied by a different judge.

This is not the first time that Mosby has been under increase criticism regarding her handling of this case. Many from both the left and right side of the political aisle were critical of the charges she brought against the police officers, believing that she overcharged them and lacked the evidence to clearly build a case. The fact that she angrily announced the charges the same morning she received the autopsy report led many to question her decision.

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In addition, when Mosby brought charges against the officers, she claimed that Gray’s arrest was unlawful because the knife he was carrying, which officers saw, was legal. The reality is, while that particular knife is legal in the state of Maryland, it is illegal in the city of Baltimore.

The trial date for the officers is set for October.

At this point do you think the officers should be suing Mosby for false allegations?

h/t:  Daily Caller

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