Shocking New Evidence in Islamic Terrorist Paris Attacks May Reveal REAL Target

It has been nearly six weeks since the Paris attacks at the hands of Muslim terrorists. The attacks were in various locations throughout the city and were well-coordinated. At the Bataclan concert hall, the terrorists slaughtered over 100 people, shooting them one by one, reloading their guns, then continuing to fire. People were frantically sending messages saying they were being mercilessly killed and begging for French police to enter.

When they finally did, the terrorists threw hand grenades into the crowd to kill as many as possible, more than 100, before killing themselves. Why did they choose Bataclan? Was it simply a matter of attacking Western life? A new report indicates that there was a very specific reason that location was chosen as a site to attack and it has to do with Jesse Hughes, the 43-year old lead singer of the group Eagles of Death Metal who were performing that night.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the Muslim terrorists reportedly yelled, “Where’s the singer? Where are the Yanks?” as they stormed the building. The band members, who are from San Diego, were able to escape after the Muslim terrorists entered avoiding being part of the carnage of their slaughter.

But, why would the terrorists specifically look to find Hughes? It turns out, Hughes is not only devout Christian, he is also a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, a gun owner, and a supporter of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Hughes has a nickname of ‘the Devil.” A few weeks before the attacks, he released ‘The Redemption of the Devil’ in which he “threatens physical violence against anyone who opposes America’s Second Amendment, which protects the right to ‘keep and bear arms’.” He also made a podcast critical of Barack Obama called “Our President is a Foreign Born Muslim!!!!”

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The Islamic State, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for the Paris terrorist attacks. In January 2014, Barack Obama referred to ISIS as a “JV team.” Despite the rise of ISIS as they slaughter and pillage areas, destroying historical sites and sites considered holy Christian sites, Obama continues to claim that ISIS is contained.

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