Shocking Video: Hillary-Loving Syrian Refugees Discuss Using Fake Passports to Gain Entry to U.S.

To get a good idea of what each candidate’s priorities are, it’s important to look at who is singing their praise. Illegals love the idea of a Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush presidency as both have promised to reward their criminality with amnesty. Syrian refugees quite clearly want Hillary as president as the “I’ll say and do anything to win” candidate has dutifully parroted Obama’s talking points concerning the tens-of-thousands of Syrian refugees slated for importation.

James O’Keefe is an important activist. While the left constructs increasingly-absurd narratives, O’Keefe and his political advocacy group, Project Veritas, has been instrumental in debunking these flimsy narratives and capturing leftist scumbags red-handed.

Huma Abedin, the vice chairwoman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, blasted Republicans in a closed media-only event for their opposition to the importation of refugees from ISIS’ homeland.

Calling the GOP opposition “really scary,” Abedin told an undercover Project Veritas operative,

“We are a country of immigrants. We welcome people, and when you listen to the Republicans, and this is my battle cry, it is really scary on the other side,” Abedin stated.

“The alternative … we’re going to be an isolationist country, turning everybody away. It is not OK,” Abedin continued.

Abedin’s work emails recently revealed that Hillary often appears “confused,” leading many to wonder about the former Secretary of State’s mental state and fitness for the job of president.

Hillary has stood firm on her promise to advocate for the relocation of the Syrian refugees- a promise that is “music to the ears” of Syrian refugees videotaped in Greece shortly after terrorists killed 130 innocent people in the Paris attacks.

The Syrian refugees in Greece candidly discussed using fake passports to travel to Germany and perhaps the U.S.

Naturally, they were devout Hillary Clinton supporters as she appears to provide the best chance for them to enter the U.S.

Our nation is in crisis. We are at war with a determined enemy who has no qualms about exploiting our nation’s generosity and naiveté and the left remains committed to welcoming tens-of-thousands of refugees from the homeland of ISIS.

We are literally discussing matters of life and death and the Democrats are playing politics and willingly putting hundreds-of-millions of Americans in mortal danger. It is sickening.

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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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