Should Low Energy Jeb Withdraw from the Race After this Odd Statement?

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is desperate to be the frontrunner in the race for the presidency in the GOP Primary. However, despite what many in media and the GOP establishment say, Bush has never been the frontrunner.

Though he raised $100 million through his Super PAC before announcing his candidacy and despite spending over $60 million on his campaign ads, Bush sits in lowly 6th place in many national polls. The sad facts surrounding the Jeb Bush presidential campaign makes the statement that Bush made Wednesday on Newsmax beyond baffling. It makes one wonder if Bush is lucid enough to run for president, or is it simply a case of him continuing to overinflate himself.

Although Jeb has criticized GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump by telling him he will never win the presidency by calling people names, he did just that himself while on Newsmax. Jeb called Trump a “junkyard dog.”

He then went on to make a highly questionable claim which makes one wonder if he is in his right mind. Even though Donald Trump has spent the past few weeks attacking Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter, in the media, and at campaign events, Jeb Bush seems to believe that he is the focus of Donald’s wrath. The reason? He believes Trump sees him as a threat.

“He’s a junkyard dog, that’s for sure. I seem to be the target of most of his attacks. I don’t know why he’s so worried about me. Maybe he thinks I’m a real threat to him, because I am. I’m the only guy who has taken him on.”

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Bush, whose claims of staunch conservativism are questioned by those who a critical of his support for both amnesty and Common Core, then attacked Donald Trump’s claim of conservatism.

“There’s nothing in his record that suggests to me that he’s a conservative. He’s supported more Democrats over his adult life than Republicans. He wasn’t pro-Second Amendment until this year. He hasn’t been pro-life consistently, to the contrary. He believes that eminent domain powers should be used for private purposes — his own purposes, of course.”

Really, Jeb? Switch out these issues for amnesty and government overreach with Common Core and Bush could be talking about himself.

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