Slain Protester LaVoy Finicum’s Autopsy Report Released; It’s Worse than You Think…

The shooting death of Robert “LaVoy” Finicum is looking less and less like a textbook use of deadly force and more and more like an execution. As PolitiStick has previously reported, Finicum and other protesters were stopped en route to a townhall meeting to discuss the federal occupation of lands in Western states. After articulating to law enforcement agents that he intended to proceed in order to speak with the sheriff, Finicum continued-on and eventually encountered a roadblock.

While attempting to go around it, Finicum hit a snowbank and frustrated, emerged from the vehicle with his hands up repeating his assertion that the militant force should shoot him or otherwise let him proceed to the sheriff.

The Oregon State Police officers shot him dead. Six shots were fired and three hit Finicum. While in his vehicle, the FBI fired two shots at Finicum, but failed to report their use of deadly force for over a month. The FBI’s involvement is now under investigation.

Still, both the FBI and Oregon officials have maintained that the shooting was “justified and necessary” as Finicum was in possession of a 9mm firearm in his coat. Agents maintain that Finicum reached for the weapon, however, aerial footage of the encounter does not clearly suggest that he did.

On Tuesday, video taken from inside Finicum’s truck by a passenger was released and it shows an agitated Finicum arguing with officials before the deadly encounter.

On Wednesday, authorities released the autopsy report for Finicum which affirms what the aerial footage appeared to show: Finicum was shot in the back multiple times.

The autopsy report can be seen here and it indicates that Finicum was shot in the shoulder with an entrance through the back, through the chest with an entrance through the back and through the abdomen with an entrance through the back.

Unbelievably, though the wounds were fatal and Lavoy Finicum died at the scene, authorities handcuffed his arms behind his back on the dead body before bringing Finicum’s body to the morgue.

It is purely undeniable that Finicum, in his last moments, remained defiant regarding the authority of the militarized presence to accost the armed protesters who had demonstrated nothing but peaceful resistance of the federal occupation of Western lands.

However, does his distaste for federal tyranny, constitutional violations and extreme police militancy warrant a death sentence?

Under layers of clothing, Lavoy Finicum was in possession of a handgun. Alleging that he gestured to this handgun only discovered after he was dead, Oregon State police agents opened-fire and shot the man in the back multiple times and inexplicably handcuffed the dead man.

If the purpose of the deadly federal and state response to the Bundy protesters was to showcase that these protesters were unreasonable for maintaining that the government has become overbearing and tyrannous, there could be no better way than to prove the validity of the protesters’ argument than by sieging-upon a convoy and shooting a man in the back multiple times.

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Greg Campbell
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