Smithsonian Explains Why They Blacklisted Clarence Thomas From New African American Museum

One of the most prominent black Americans in history, Clarence Thomas, a conservative Supreme Court justice who epitomizes the American dream, was barely mentioned at the new Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture — a mere afterthought.

It was a shameful and biased decision that proved that Cultural Marxism and political correctness, as well as hatred, intolerance, and closed-minded leftism, is poisoning and trying to recreate American history in the image of the false god of political correctness.

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CNS News asked the Smithsonian why American icon Clarence Thomas was blacklisted from the new museum that was reportedly 50 percent funded by American taxpayers: asked: “Many prominent African Americans are not included in the museum, most notably Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas … Can [the institute say] why Thomas and the others listed below are not a part of the museum exhibits?”

Linda St. Thomas, chief spokesperson for the Smithsonian, replied:

“There are many compelling personal stories about African Americans who have become successful in various fields, and, obviously, Associate Justice Thomas is one of them,” St. Thomas said in an email. “However, we cannot tell every story in our inaugural exhibitions.

“We will continue to collect and interpret the breadth of the African American experience,” St. Thomas said.

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CNS noted that Clarence Thomas was one in a long list of other prominent black conservatives who have been blacklisted by the Smithsonian. Included in that list are Senator Tim Scott , the first black senator from South Carolina, leading economists and authors Thomas Sowell and Walter E. Williams, and many others.

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