So How Do Voters REALLY View Hillary and Trump? It’s Not Good

This has been the strangest and most depressing election year in history. The unfavorability ratings of both presidential candidates, Republican nominee Donald Trump and his longtime friend, Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, are lower than any other candidates in history. In the words of Donald Trump, it’s a disaster!

While Hillary Clinton supporters may brag and boast about the lead she has over him in polls, in many cases double digits, if you ask voters what they think of each candidate, the results aren’t so hot for Trump or Hillary.

A new NBC/Survey Monkey poll asked potential voters a series of questions focused on which questions describe both candidates, in their opinion.

  • Personality and temperament to serve
  • Cares about people like you
  • Shares your values
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • None of the above

The results….OUCH. Check it out.


You may have seen the meme going around on social media which speaks volumes and is very reflective of this poll.


h/t RedState

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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