Somali War Criminal Given Security Clearance to Work at Major US Airport

Yusuf Abdi Ali

American travelers have long complained about the intrusiveness and privacy issues associated with the TSA. The security the government agency supposedly provides has been described by many as theatrics. In June 2015, TSA screeners failed 95% of the tests which were being used to determine how effectively they were doing their job. In some cases, they let ‘fake’ bombs through. In addition, TSA had 73 employees with ties to terrorism who passed the vetting process. These people had active security clearance badges.

On Thursday, it was revealed that the TSA committed another egregious mistake in their vetting of individuals for security clearance. A Somali war criminal, who is accused of leading mass executions in the 1980’s and torturing people during the Somali civil war, was working as a security guard at an airport in our nation’s capitol.

Yusuf Abdi Ali has worked as a security guard at Dulles International Airport for six years. He passed a supposedly thorough background check conducted by both the FBI and the TSA. Very obviously, the background check was not as thorough as it should have been since both government agencies gave the okay for a man named in a lawsuit for crimes against humanity in 2006 to work security at an American airport, in our nation’s capitol no less.

Ali is now on administrative leave.

Although the lawsuit against Ali has had many appeals and is likely headed to the Supreme Court, neither the company that employs him, Master Security, nor the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority were aware of the litigation. That lawsuit and Ali’s reported mass executions and torturing of people should have been discovered by both the TSA and the FBI in their background check of him prior to his employment.

The story of Yusuf Abdi Ali and the fact that a man of his background was given access to secure areas of Dulles airport, after receiving approval in his background check by the TSA and FBI, should call into question Barack Obama’s planned Syrian refugee program. In this program, Obama will import Syrian refugees, who will be impossible to fully vet, into this country resettling them throughout America. Muslim terrorists have already threatened to infiltrate the program so that they can attack America on her soil.

Given the dangerous ineptitude of the TSA and FBI in handling the vetting of airport employees, does the federal government expect us to be confident and comfortable with their vetting of immigrants?

If they do, they are dead wrong.

It is clear that the processes and procedures that are supposedly put in place to ensure the safety of Americans, whether it be at the airport or from potential terrorists entering this country as immigrants, is simply a charade.

While Ali is now on administrative leave, what will happen to those who gave him the clearance to be an airport security guard. Who will be held accountable?

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Jennifer Burke
Jennifer Burke
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