Someone is Targeting Law Enforcement with Homemade Bombs

The city of Madison, Indiana has been rocked in the last nine days with homemade bombs that are being used to target members of law enforcement. Two bombs have been detonated targeting law enforcement in the past nine days and police are now referring to this as “an attack on the criminal justice system.”

This has taken the war on police to a new and incredibly dangerous level. Whoever is doing this sinister and dangerous act is not only targeting police officers, the perpetrator has also targeted a judge — at his home.

At 3 am on Wednesday morning, Evan Hensley heard a sound outside the home he shares with his father, who is a Superior Court judge.

Hensley said, “It didn’t sound like a gunshot. It didn’t sound like a bomb.” He continued, “And we’re having renovations done on the back of our house, so a lot of tables are set up and a lot of saws to cut the wood down. I just thought something had fallen out there.”

But, it wasn’t anything that had fallen. Police say it was a homemade bomb that was detonated outside the home. Burn marks are still on the driveway.

A obviously worried Hensley added, “To hear it’s a bomb, that’s just kind of shocking to have that happen here.”

The ATF was on the scene Wednesday following the detonation of the bomb at the judge’s home.

They are assisting police in the investigation.

More than a week before the detonation of that bomb, a bomb was detonated in the parking lot that is shared by the Madison Police Department and City Hall. Police say the bombs were the made of the same material, a homemade powder bomb, and would require someone to light a fuse in order to set it off.

Police Chief Dan Thurston said, “Same material, same type of evidence was collected at both scenes,”We’re taking that as a direct threat to our criminal justice system.” He stressed, “Even the smallest tip might be what we need to break open the case.”

Although police do know that the bombs that were detonated were identical, they are unsure there is a single person responsible or if there is a team of people. They are reaching out to the community for help, asking them to share any suspicious activity they see.

Thankfully, there have been no deaths or injuries from these two bomb explosions.

Police are on alert, even adding additional patrols late at night.

WATCH the complete video of Madison Police Chief Dan Thurston and other officials discuss the bombs targeting law enforcement and the ongoing investigation.

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