Sorry, ‘Climate Change’ Believers: Arctic Sea Ice Sees ‘Huge Increases’

So-called “climate change” is a scam. Those who profit from the furtherance of “green” technology continually push the flimsy narrative with junk science, bought-and-paid-for by the very people who rely on the existence of climate change to further their profitable agenda. If, for example, oil companies got together to hire scientists to prove the environmental benefits of fossil fuels, the left would not buy it for one millisecond. However, despite evidence piling-up that is contrary to the left’s preferred narrative, they continue to have faith in the long con.

For example: liberals conspicuously dodge the issue of ice build-up in the Arctic Sea. Though we are treated to heartwrenching scenes of polar bears clinging to ice, the truth is that the Arctic Sea is doing better and better and the ice levels should be up to 1980’s levels in as little as five years.

Real Science explains:

There has been a huge increase in the amount of old, thick Arctic sea ice over the last three years. This is due to a change in winter winds, which is now preserving the ice rather than pushing it out into the North Atlantic.

The below GIF shows the build-up.

Faith has value in certain areas, but not in science. Science must be rooted in objective fact; otherwise, it is not science at all.

This faith would be harmless if it were not for the militant EPA  that continues to harbor this delusion held by so many who “feel” climate change is real.


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Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
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