Sources: THIS Major Presidential Candidate is Getting Ready to Pull the Plug; Could Come This Week

Reliable sources with strong connections to the pro-amnesty, pro-Common Core Jeb Bush presidential campaign are telling us that the initial Republican frontrunner — and assumed eventual GOP nominee — may soon drop out of the race, potentially as early as this week. One source even believed it could happen as early as Monday.

As we reported on Friday, the once cash-rich Jeb Bush campaign, once flooded with cash from his crony big business connections and from the Bush family political dynasty relationships, has been hemorrhaging cash at astonishing levels, forcing him to implement huge cuts in his campaign.

Other sources said that after Bush met with his big donors, he may not drop out until after the debate, but use the forum as his final “Hail Mary,” coming out “blazing” against frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson, in an attempt to resurrect his faltering attempt to be the next president, an office obtained by his father and older brother before him.

The next presidential debate will be Wednesday, Oct. 28, on CNBC, and several connections believe it will be Bush’s last chance to gain traction. For the most part, polls have been dominated by candidates considered outsiders, or at least anti-establishment, with Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Carly Fiorina leading the way and the more establishment RINO squishy candidates like Bush, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki,  John Kasich, etc., pulling up the rear.

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Additionally, the political grapevine tells us numerous Jeb Bush campaign staffers are applying for positions with viable Republicans candidates still in the race.

Whether the speculation that Jeb Bush is dropping out of the race this week becomes reality remains to be seen. The fact is, the writing is on the wall. Bush must turn things around relatively quickly in order to obtain any semblance of credibility or viability.


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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