SPIN ALERT: Trumpist Chris Christie Explains Trump’s Amnesty Flip-Flop [VIDEO]

Pro-amnesty RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and leading Trump surrogate and adviser Chris Christie tried to explain away Donald Trump’s recent evolution to the Jeb Bush/Rubio/Kasich amnesty train on Sunday, making the case that all great leaders flip-flop (listen) on key issues that they campaign on to win presidential primaries.

Donald Trump’s latest, in his words, “softening” amnesty plan includes no mass deportation of illegal aliens, a stance his followers were led to believe was chiseled in stone, along with the supposed “wall.”

From CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday:

FACE THE NATION’S JOHN DICKERSON: “On the question of the 11 million undocumented, there’s been some confusion. And Donald Trump at one point said they would be leaving America so fast, it would make your head spin. Now he’s saying something that will be worked out. In the way we have seen immigration talked about, that kind of softening, to use his word, usually is prelude to not ultimately dealing with all 11 million. That’s what it feels like here.

Why is that not the case? Why is this not basically moving away from his position he had in the primary?”

CHRIS CHRISTIE: “Listen, we want — we want candidates and leaders to listen, and if they hear new information or different information that leads them to conclude different things in their positions, we want them to do that, John. We don’t want people stuck in cement.

Be really clear. Donald Trump is going to get rid of very early on the two to three million criminals that are here illegally in this country. That will be priority number one. And once we remove those two to three million from the country, return them to their countries of origin because of their criminal conduct, then I think what Donald Trump wants to do is take a deep breath and look at where we are in the country then, and find out if you could find humane way to deal with those who remain.

And so I think what he’s talking about is a pause. After the two to three million get put out of the country because they’re committing crimes, hurting Americans, selling drugs, doing things that are illegal, once those people are dealt with first — and I think everyone agrees on that issue — then we can deal with the remaining eight million people.

That’s what Donald Trump wants to do. I think that is a humane way to deal with it. And I’m proud of the fact that he’s been willing to stand up and say what he really believes on this as he’s learned more about the topic.”

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So, I’m pretty sure Donald Trump never would have won the GOP primary if he had campaigned hard on a “pause” in deporting the millions who came into the country illegally and remain to stay here. After all, isn’t the “pause” what’s been going on for decades, under both Republican and Democrat administrations.

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