Sports Announcer Caught on Hot Mic Speaking Powerful Truth About NFL Protests

During the September 29 NFL game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Miami Dolphins, CBS sports announcer Jim Nantz was caught on hot mic speaking a powerful truth about the NFL protests against American flag and the National Anthem.

Ever since San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who has just been taken off the bench following the disastrous play of Blaine Gabbert to whom he lost the starting position, sat down during the National Anthem before a pre-season game, he has had numerous other players following his lead. Some are sitting, some are kneeling, some are raising their fists as if they are 1960s Black Panther radicals. They agree with Kaepernick’s stance to “not honor a country that oppresses black people.” (Mind you, most of these guys make more in one day than the average American worker makes in a year, but I digress.)

You can’t even watch the NFL Network, ESPN, pre-game analysis shows or half-time shows without a discussion on the NFL protests and who has joined in.

As the National Anthem was being played at that game and the camera was panning to players participating in the anti-America protest, Nantz says the following.

“They’re going to keep kneeling as long as they have cameras right in their face.”

He’s right. If this wasn’t getting so much media attention, these hypocritical, overpaid athletes would not be jumping on the bandwagon protesting “oppression of blacks in America” then getting into their expensive sports cars after the game to drive to their fancy homes.

Will Nantz be reprimanded, or even worse fired, for expressing his personal view? In today’s hyper-sensitive society where only that which fits the progressive narrative and agenda is accepted as “protected free speech” it would not be shocking if Nantz faces some negative consequence for his words, though it would be hypocritical.

Listen to Jim Nantz criticize the NFL protests as opportunistic for media.

h/t The Daily Caller

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Jennifer Burke
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