Spotlight on Trump: Colbert Hosts Hilarious Trump vs. Trump Debate

Donald Trump debates Donald Trump

The current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire who seems to be able to say and do anything and not lose much support, has a long history of flip-flopping. His flip-flops are not minute. He has gone from extremely progressive positions to selling himself as the staunchest conservative out there in a matter of a few years, a few months, even a few days.

While Trump had a meteoric rise in the polls, a position he still holds onto in nationwide polls, last summer with his outspoken stance against illegal immigration, there are numerous other positions that Trump holds, and people he has praised even in recent days, that has many questioning not just how conservative he is, because many argue that he isn’t, but also whether he truly stands on principles or just says what he feels needs to be said as part of being a dealmaker.

For example, Trump’s position on health care is more in line with socialist Bernie Sanders than it is with Republican voters or most Americans for that matter. He believes in and supports universal health care and said in September 2015 on 60 Minutes.

While Trump has targeted FOX News’ Megyn Kelly for destruction because he didn’t like the questions she asked during a debate in August 2015, in the past he has had glowing praise for her moderation skills.

This video will cause many to wonder exactly where Donald J. Trump stands and will lead many more to wonder, due to his glaring lack of consistency, how are we to know when he is being honest and true to his word? (article continues below video)

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It’s not enough to say “everybody can change their positions” when those positions seem to change with such frequency that Trump will even contradict his own words one week later as he did when he claimed on Thursday that he never demanded that Megyn Kelly not be allowed to moderate the last debate. Unfortunately for him, he left the tweet up where demanded exactly that one week earlier.

The future of our republic is at stake. Too many Americans fell for soaring rhetoric, words that did match up with past words or past actions, in 2008 and it got us the most divisive and destructive president in history. Will we have a repeat in 2016?


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