Who Steals 9/11 Recovery Money From Taxpayers? THIS GUY! [VIDEO]

“I have a lot of property down there, but it wasn’t, fortunately, affected by what happened to the World Trade Center.” ~ Donald Trump

Neither Donald Trump, nor his businesses were harmed by the horrific Islamic terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. He admits as much in his own words.

But that didn’t stop the bloviating billionaire and reality game show actor from bilking taxpayers out of $150,000 in money that was intended for “small” business recovery.

Now a scathing new video ad released on Tuesday, only a week before the New York primary, slams Trump for taking the funds.

The ad quotes Trump admitting, “I have a lot of property down there, but it wasn’t, fortunately, affected by what happened to the World Trade Center.”

“Donald Trump owes New Yorkers an explanation for taking funds meant for small-business owners recovering from 9/11,” said Rory Cooper, a senior adviser to the #NeverTrump Super PAC. “In his own words, Trump has said his businesses were unharmed and surely we are not to believe he is a small-business man. Over the years, Trump has flirted with 9/11 trutherism and has lied about events surrounding the terror attack. Trump should own up to what he did with this money,” Cooper stated.

The ad is based on a 2006 study in which the New York Daily News discovered that the New York billionaire bilked taxpayers using a loophole in a government program intended to help small businesses recover following 9/11.

Donald Trump doesn’t deny taking the money, and his supposed $10 billion business is anything but small. Trump told TIME in a statement that the money he took was probably a reimbursement for his generosity.

“It was probably a reimbursement for the fact that I allowed people, for many months, to stay in the building, use the building and store things in the building. I was happy to do it and to this day I am still being thanked for the many people I helped,” Trump claimed. “The value of what I did was far greater than the money talked about, much of which was sent automatically to building owners in the area,” he argued.

Probably a reimbursement for generosity?


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Matthew K. Burke
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