Street Artist SABO has a Plan for the Next GOP Debate; RINO Jeb Bush Won’t Like It One Bit!

The street artist known simply as SABO, a name used to hide his real identity, has made a name for himself with signs used to greet political figures. In some cases, such as when he greeted Ted Cruz on a visit to L.A. with signs picturing a tattooed Cruz smoking a cigarette to show what a bad ass he is, the signs are positive.

But, in others, such as the numerous signs he has put up to greet Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton when they visited the City of Angels, New York, or anywhere else SABO decided to strike, the message was not so nice.

On September 16, when the Republican presidential candidates arrive at the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley for the next debate, SABO has a plan to greet Jeb Bush. Unfortunately for the RINO Jebby, he will not be met with kind signs celebrating him. Instead, SABO has a plan to send the country a message about exactly how he feels about RINO Bush, and it involves, well, rhinos.

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SABO doesn’t have real rhinos in mind. Instead, he has crafted a two-fold plan on how Bush will be greeted. One involves creative signs that slams Bush as a RINO. The other, however, will include live participants dressed up in rhino costumes holding the signs that he’s developed.

Using his Facebook page, SABO announced his plan. Here are the signs that those dressed in rhino costumes will hold.

Screenshot 2015-08-20 at 3

And here are the suits that participants in SABO’s plan will wear.

Screenshot 2015-08-20 at 2

Leave it to SABO to strike again and show that one doesn’t have to be a Democrat to be the object of his creative wrath. Why, it’s enough to knock the exclamation mark off of someone’s name!

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