Down for the Struggle? NOT! Check Out Where the Obama’s Will Live Next


The Obamas love to portray themselves as being “just one of us” and down for the struggle. Heck, they even partied like it’s 1999 every single week at the White House with their rich friends under the guise of opening the house “to the people.”

But, the reality is Barack and Michelle Obama can talk the game, I won’t even call it a good game, but the reality is they live life “high on the hog” while demonizing CEOs and those on Wall Street, if those people are Republican. If you needed further evidence that the Obamas have two sets of rules, one for themselves and one for others, look no further than their next residence after Obama leaves the White House, an opulent 8,200 square feet mansion valued at $6.3 million.

The Obamas announced their plan to remain in the DC area so that their youngest daughter could finish her education at the affluent Sidwell Friends School. They will not be buying their home but rather will be leasing it.

The mansion that will be leased by the Obamas is owned by Joe Lockhart, the NFL executive vice president for communications, not a shock given Obama’s cozy relationship with the NFL, and his wife Giovanni Gray Lockhart, the Washington editor of Glamour. There is no word whether the Obamas will pay market value rent for the property or if they obtained a sweet deal, as they did for a home they owned in Chicago.

The new digs of the Obamas truly show the hypocrisy of elitist leftists like the Obamas and the Clintons, who also scored a sweet deal on a fabulously extravagant home in New York, with the help of some friends, after ol’ Slick Willy left office.

Here are a few pictures, courtesy of Redfin, to give you a taste.


Image: Redfin

Image: Redfin

Image: Redfin

Image: Redfin

Image: Redfin

Pretty spectacular for someone who has spent their adult life as a community agitator and elected official, right?

But, don’t worry. Obama is the only politician in Chicago history to be as pure as the driven snow. (I say that facetiously, course.)

h/t Daily Caller



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