Student at College Site of Oregon Shooting has Simple, but Powerful, Message for Obama

Joshua Friedlein is not a political activist. In fact, it doesn’t appear that he is incredibly politically minded at all. At least he’s not vocal about too many things political on his Facebook. What he is, however, is a student at Umpqua Community College in Roseberg, Oregon; the site of the horrific shooting yesterday in which 10 people, including the shooter, died and 7 more were wounded. He’s also president of the Associated Students Umpqua Community College Leadership Team and a Student Success Assistant at the college.

He also happened to be on the campus when the shooting took place and experienced the lockdown and clearing out of everyone on campus. After living through that and listening to Barack Obama’s speech politicizing the shooting, shaming those who defend their Second Amendment rights, and calling for more gun control, Friedlein took to Facebook to let Obama know exactly what he thought about his words.

His message was simple, but powerful and spoke what many people in America were feeling. But, coming from someone who was on the site of the mass shooting, his words will hopefully make many take notice, think, and heed them.


As of this moment, that post had been shared over 50,100 times and counting.

Barack Obama and all those quick to politicize tragedies such as these as a way to call for gun control and demonize those who defend the Second Amendment should read Joshua’s words and take them to heart.

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After Joshua got home from being on lockdown on the campus, he sent an update on Facebook. His second update speaks to the resolve of the community even in the midst of this horrific act.


Well said, Joshua, on both posts.

God bless all those whose lives ended in a senseless, violent manner on Thursday. May the community of Roseberg and Umpqua Community College feel the presence of God and draw upon Him for strength as they continue with their daily lives and deal with the aftermath of this act of cowardice.

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