Principal Gets Heat After Students Decide on Donald Trump-Inspired Homecoming Theme

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” has inspired one high school’s homecoming theme for this year. At New London High School in Wisconsin, the students selected “Make Homecoming Great Again” as their theme and it was approved by the school’s administration. At least one parent, however, is not happy with the theme as she believes it to be divisive.

In speaking with the Post-Crescent, Maria Turner expressed her distaste and concern for the theme which she believes is too political.

“When you’re trying to promote an inclusive environment for all students, you certainly stay away from anything related to politics because we know politics are divisive — they don’t bring people together — and that includes children within a school setting.”

When Turner approached the school’s principal, Danielle Sievert, about her concerns about the theme, the principal defended it as being patriotic and about the Olympics rather than caving into the concerns of one parent and mandating a change.

Brian Yerkey, the associate principal and athletic director said that there is nothing that prohibits students from selecting a political them for their homecoming. The theme is narrowed down by a group then students vote on it. “Make Homecoming Great Again” is the theme that was chosen in the end.

Yerkey added, “It’s been in the news. Kids have heard about it. I think they looked at that slogan and thought they could do a great play on words — Make Homecoming Great Again.”

He continued by saying that while neither the school nor homecoming would push for either candidate, conversations about politics among students is a good thing.

“Part of our job is to get kids ready for careers and situations outside of high school, so if they have conversations about politics I think that’s an OK thing. We’re obviously not promoting it or pushing either candidate in school.”

Turner claims she would have been equally upset if the theme for homecoming would have been associated with Hillary’s campaign theme of “I’m With Her.” She added, “Frankly, my daughter would love to be able to express her opinion, but she’s fearful of that, and that’s exactly what we don’t want in our schools. We don’t want kids to be afraid of being bullied or be fearful because they express an opinion.”

Although neither candidate will be pushed the “Make Homecoming Great Again” slogan will be featured on flyers and buttons for homecoming.

h/t Free Beacon

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