Students Forced to Sing Islamic Victory Song to Welcome Syrian Refugees [VIDEO]

As Canada prepares to welcome Syrian refugees into their country, administrators at one high school decided it would be a good idea to have students sing a song welcoming them into the country. The song was sung at a concert on December 3 by 285 students from French public schools in Ottawa.

The performance was praised by many, including the newly elected far-left Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau who tweeted, “WATCH: Ottawa high school students sing a traditional Arabic welcome song. Well done De La Salle! #WelcomeToCanada.” But, a bit of digging by the Toronto Sun revealed that the song, whose video has amassed more than 1 million views, has a disturbing meaning.

Though administrators and Prime Minister Trudeau praised the song as a “traditional Arabic welcome song,” the reality of the song is far from that.

The president of the Muslim Canadian Congress said, “The fact is this particular song is a very religious song in all its meaning. It’s only sung in the praise of the holy prophet and for no one else.”

So, the students were unknowingly singing a song of praise to Allah. It gets worse.

A Middle Eastern scholar named Daniel Pipes explained, “Most Muslims would understand this nasheed as something ancient, religious and quite innocuous. But Islamists understand it as a victory song. So, most immigrants would feel heart warmed by hearing it on arrival in Canada but some would understand it as the subjugation of the kafirs [infidels] who are singing it.”

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The students were, without their knowledge, singing a song praising Islamists for their victory. If you’re wondering victory over who, just keep reading.

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs researcher Jonathan Halevi wrote in an online article that Islamic scholars agree that “the lyrics of the poem clearly indicate that it was composed on the occasion of the return of Muhammad victorious from the Battle of Tabouk against the Christian Romans and their Arab allies,” according to the Sun.

Intelligence expert David Harris boiled the situation down for the news site.

“Muslims and non-Muslims worldwide wrestle daily with Islamist terrorism, so it’s astonishing that Canadian public school officials could blow scarce tax money to create a children’s choir piece said to evoke images of jihadist victory over infidels,” he said.

“The only thing weirder, is the way some Canadians embrace the apparently Islamist-themed music as a welcoming song for Syrian migrants who might include non-Muslims escaping Islamist violence.”

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While this did happen in Canada, it could very well have happened here in the United States since there have already been instances of college students blaming America for Islamic terrorism and 7th graders being forced to write “Allah is the only god.” And those have not been isolated incidents. There are many other instances like these two throughout the country that should concern us all.

WATCH Canadian students sing a song praising Allah for his victory over infidels.

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