Students Say Teachers Pressured Them to Support Black Lives Matter

Students at Todd Beamer High School in Federal Way, Washington, which is outside of Seattle, say that they were pressured by teachers to support Black Lives Matter as well as ridiculed and attacked by black students when they refused.

A black female student was arrested at the high school after she assaulted a police officer. Witnesses report that the officer attempted to restrain the girl after she got into a fight with someone else. The girl then kicked and hit the police officer as she violently resisted arrested. Shockingly after the girl’s violent attack on the officer, school officials asked that the police officer be reassigned. It was through this ordeal that the pressure to support Black Lives Matter was applied to all students in the school as a way to stand with the violent girl who attacked the police officer and the anarchist movement.

The Black Student Union was allowed to make an announcement to the entire school on the intercom asking all students to wear black as a way to support the girl and Black Lives Matter. While the event was supposedly not sanctioned by the school, although they did allow an announcement about it on the intercom, and teachers were not supposed to participate, white students said that other students and teachers pressured them to participate and called them racist if they did not.

Elly Mae Haney, a student at the school, shared what happened for two class periods after the incident.”Both of those periods, we sat there for four hours and talked about why black lives matter,” she said.

She and her mother decided that she would speak out after teachers began pressuring students to participate in the movement to support Black Lives Matter and the girl who was arrested for attacking the police officer.

“She [the teacher] told us all to wear black tomorrow,” Haney said. Her mother, Amanda Wilcox, added, “The teacher handed out stickers that said Black Lives Matter and encouraged all students on Friday to wear all black in support of that movement.”

Elly Mae spoke before the Federal Way school board and to KIRO News about what happened to her when she chose not to wear black or a sticker. Her mother also shared what happened.

“They were called racist. They were ridiculed. They were afraid. Many did not want to speak out.”

Elly Mae herself said the following to the school board.

“I still don’t understand why we were told to wear black to show support for this girl who has assaulted police officers more than just last week.”

KIRO reported that a school district official shared with them that violence by some students towards school resource officers, police, and even bus drivers has become a huge problem.

There was no report whether the black students who harassed the white students for not participating received any punishment or consequence.

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Jennifer Burke
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