Students Stand Up to Bullying Atheists in an Awesome Way

For 70 years, students at East Liverpool High School in Ohio have performed ‘The Lord’s Prayer” as part of their graduation ceremony. One would think that this year would be no different but as we have seen a rise in the attack on Christianity, with lawsuits or threats of lawsuits by atheists who display a level of egregious intolerance, bigotry, and hate, these graduating students almost had their tradition stripped away from them.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, the atheist group that loves to attack Christianity, complained that the singing of “The Lord’s Prayer” by students at the graduation was in violation of the U.S Constitution and stated it promoted religion. As we’ve seen when this group went after a small school district in Texas, they simply find communities to threaten with lawsuits as they wage war against the Judeo-Christian values of this country’s founding. However, the graduating class of East Liverpool High School would have none of it and sent a loud and clear message to the bullying atheists.

Fearing a lawsuit, the school district did cower to the threats of the bullying atheists from The Freedom From Religion Foundation. The community was, as described by Todd Starnes, devastated. In their refusal to be bullied out of the traditions meaningful for them and their community, the graduating class decided to demonstrate civil disobedience in a way that made national headlines.

Senior Bobby Hill said, “Pretty much everyone was in agreement.” “The class thought it was wrong that we were being forced to remove it,” he added.

So the students decided they would not remove it.

Bobby texted his father who was sitting in the audience. His father shared, “He told me when and how they were going to do it. I was thrilled to find out.”

Just after the valedictorian welcomed the crowd, the seniors stood to their feet and began committing an act of disobedience.

“Our Father which art in Heaven…”

“I was very proud to see the youth, our future leaders, decide to stand up for what they believed in,” Mr. Hill said. “I can’t lie—I teared up.”

It was an emotional moment – a poignant example of Americans standing up for what they know to be true – for what they know to be right.

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More Christians should follow the lead and example of these bold graduating high school seniors to not be bullied by those who display bigotry in the name of tolerance as they attempt to eradicate the name of God from not only our current society but also from history.

It’s a very good thing we didn’t have lawsuit threatening, bigoted, anti-God groups like The Freedom From Religion Foundation when the Founders constructed this great country. However, the Founders, just like these students, would have no doubt stood up for their faith. As John Adams said, “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.”

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Jennifer Burke
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