Supporting the Troops, Showing Patriotism, Deemed Offensive at This Public School

In our hypersensitive, politically correct society today, kids are being punished, sent home, and even suspended for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun and having a picture of a gun on their t-shirt. Though these objects pose absolutely no threat, they are deemed by the progressive run schools to be inappropriate and threatening.

Recently in Gresham, Oregon, another innocent student was made to be a villain because he was wearing a t-shirt to honor our fallen soldiers, those who gave all in defense of their country. Sounds innocent enough, right? According to the school, his shirt was not so innocent because it had…wait for it…a picture of a gun!

Oh, the horrors!

Alan Holmes is an eighth grader at Dexter McCarty Middle School. When he showed up to school wearing a shirt with an image of a soldier’s boot, gun, and helmet as well as the words “Standing for Those Who Stood for Us,” his school’s principal ordered him to remove the shirt or be sent home.


Being a patriotic American with great respect for our troops, something obviously missing from among the school’s administration, Holmes refused. So, the school sent him home.

Alan said, “They won’t let me wear a shirt that supports the people that keep us free, I’m not gonna support them.” He told KPTV, “I was nervous and kind of heartbroken. Because I feel like I should be able to support the troops who died for us.”

Alan’s parents support his decision to take a stand against hypersensitive, anti-Second Amendment, and anti-military political correctness. Their other son is in the Marines and the family has deep respect for our troops. His father, Charles, said, “I’m proud of him. I would’ve stood up for the same thing. I mean, I would’ve done the same thing.”

Alan Holmes’ story and ending is quite different from that of Ahmed Mohamed.

Ahmed Mohamed is a Muslim teen from Irving, Texas who brought what he deemed to be an engineering project, that was unassigned, to school. Ahmed had been a troublemaker in the past and his father is a known, radical Muslim rabble rouser. His “project” looked suspiciously like a suitcase bomb, though he claimed it was a clock that he built to show off his technical skills. Though he said it was a clock, it had no clock-face on it and you could not tell time from it.

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Numerous experts determined that all the kid did was take a 1980’s clock from Radio Shack, break it down, and arrange parts of it in a suitcase. There was nothing creative about it. But, his suitcase bomb looking clock, as well as his edgy evasiveness while speaking to the police, led to his arrest. No charges were filed, and the whole thing was dropped, but the kid was invited to the White House by Barack Hussein Obama, given numerous gifts by Microsoft, invited to Facebook headquarters, the UN, among many other accolades.

To date, there is no widespread support for Holmes. He has not been invited to the White House. Obama has not sent out a tweet of encouragement and support to him. Mark Zuckerberg has not invited him to the Facebook headquarters. He has not received praise and accolades from the leftist media and their ilk. The school district has not been attacked as trampling on the rights of Holmes or for their blatant anti-Second Amendment, anti-military, anti-freedom stance.

Speaks volumes about Obama’s America, doesn’t it?


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