Tactics Used to Get Positive Trump University Reviews Were Flat Out Sleazy

Donald Trump

Bloviating billionaire and reality TV star Donald Trump is currently under a class action lawsuit involving over 5,000 students in relation to what has been alleged as being a major scam and money making scheme – Trump University.

Trump has essentially called the charges against him false lauding questionable Better Business Bureau  grades (which improved only because the university shut down and complaints dropped off). He also said, “I think it has to do with perhaps the fact that I’m very, very strong on the border. Now he is Hispanic, I believe. He is a very hostile judge to me.” Trump has also touted positive student reviews, which now have serious questions surrounding how they were obtained.

Like much of what Trump says, you have to take what he says with a grain of salt as you try to decipher the half-truths from the outright lies.

The Daily Caller News Foundation reports that students at Trump University have said they were pressured and coerced into giving glowing remarks regarding their experience at Trump University. They allege that some professors withheld graduation certificates until they received positive evaluations. Others have said that there was no anonymity in filling out the evaluations. According to students, professors often made them fill out the evaluations right in front of them.

One student who was duped out of $35,000 by Donald Trump’s Trump University con shared his experience with a teacher demanding all 5s on his evaluation and what he did to ensure he received those marks. He recalled that the teacher said, “I won’t leave until you give me all 5s.”

He continued, “When it was time to fill the evaluation out, he put it in front of me — right between the two of us on the table — and reiterated that he expected all 5s while he watched me.”

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Robert Guillo, a former student at Trump University, shared with the New York Times,“It’s absolutely a con. The role of the evaluations were a defense against any legal actions.”

Now we also see the bogus evaluations, which appear to have been received through strongarm and threatening tactics, are also being used by Donald Trump to shield himself from criticism and attacks about his money-making con game.

But don’t worry, Trump is for “the little guy,” or so he says. In order to believe that, you need to listen to his current words and not his actions in attacking, suing, duping, and deceiving the little guy throughout his entire career.

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