Ted Cruz Announces Some Major News Following the #GOPDebate

It looks like voters liked Ted Cruz’s historic smackdown of the Democrat Media Complex at the last GOP debate on Wednesday — a Reaganesque body-slam of the leftist CNBC moderators who acted more like Hillary Clinton’s campaign team than professional journalists.

Because they are voting with tons of money immediately following the end of the debate.

Ted Cruz announced that in the first 22 hours following the debate, Americans donated an astonishing $1.1 million to the campaign. More indicative of the national grassroots’ strength of Cruz’s presidential campaign than just the dollar amount — which is stunning — is that the average donation was only $54.

“This level of support shows just exactly how energized and excited people are by our campaign,” Ted Cruz said about the fundraising haul. “Whether it’s on the stage or on the stump, we are telling the truth to the American people about how broken and unaccountable Washington is, and how it’s going to take consistent conservative leadership to get America back on track.”

Cruz said that he is beginning to see Tea Party groups, libertarians, evangelicals and social conservatives coalesce around his campaign.

The Cruz campaign announced that they have more than 77,000 volunteers signed up across the nation in all 50 states.

Following the debate, even some leftstream media outlets admitted that Cruz won the third Republican presidential debate. The Huffington Post said that Cruz won, while the Washington Post said that Cruz won the debate from a social media standpoint.

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Just eight days ago, Lawrence Brinton of the National Review did a detailed fundraising analysis from third-quarter fundraising reports.

Brinton says that historically, any eventual GOP nominee wins not just by gathering money from big donors, nor does the winner get there by only getting donations from grassroots supporters.

Brinton’s analysis indicates that both are needed and that Ted Cruz is the candidate who is getting the best mix of both big and small dollar donors, which leads him to write that Cruz is the best positioned to be the eventual winner.

His study also reveals that “Jeb Bush is toast,” because he has failed miserably in raising money from the grassroots, and only has big money, well-heeled donors. A week ago Bush’s campaign announced major cuts in order to stop the bleeding.

But then again, Jeb Bush predicted that he would win the nomination without tapping into the Republican Party’s energized conservative base.

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How’s that working out for you, Jeb?

WATCH BELOW as Ted Cruz talks to FOX News‘s Bret Baier about his fundraising numbers:

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