Ted Cruz Crushes Obama Following Islamic Terrorism in France

Ted Cruz Independence Day

Texas senator and former constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz issued a statement following terrorist attack in Nice, France, on Thursday, blasting the Obama Regime for its lax policy towards fighting radical Islamic terrorism.

Cruz asserted that “Europe is under seige,” following the attack in which at least 75 are dead after being mowed down by an Islamic terrorist driving a semi-truck during the French celebration of Bastille Day, while excoriated Obama for failure to take decisive action against radical Islamic terrorism, which has allowed terrorists to infiltrate countries in Europe and most likely in the United States as well.

““We have to remove the blinders and recognize this for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism,” Cruz urged. “Willful blindness is not a policy.”

Read the full statement below:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) issued the following statement on the terror attack that occurred this evening in Nice, France:

“Tonight, our close ally France is reeling from yet another major attack apparently carried out by radical Islamic terrorists.

“Let us make no mistake about it: Europe is under siege. We must redouble our attacks on the ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria, but we cannot deceive ourselves that we can isolate ISIS and related terrorist groups in the Middle East. Thanks to a lack of decisive action, that opportunity has passed. As America has focused on limited regional air strikes, ISIS has been playing a longer game. They have used the last two years to establish a network of militants around the world from France to Bangladesh who are now coming to life. They may be in the United States as well.

“We have to remove the blinders and recognize this for what it is: radical Islamic terrorism. We need to stop radicalized individuals from coming into the United States. We need to empower our law enforcement to target this specific threat, whether imported or homegrown. After seven and a half years of the Obama administration denying this danger, it is getting worse, not better. Willful blindness is not a policy.”


Just last month, Obama attorney general Loretta Lynch, revealed the regime’s strategy to fight radical Islamic terrorism, those who want us dead in the name of death cult know as Islam.

Lynch argued that simply show the terrorists “love” and “compassion” would somehow stop the jihadists from wanting to kill the infidels.

She should take some into her home and see how well that works out.

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Matthew K. Burke
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