Ted Cruz Crushes RINOs Romney and Jeb With One Swipe

Following Mitt Romney’s Thursday Twitter attack against 2016 presidential candidate and constitutional conservative Ted Cruz, and after Jeb Bush attacked Mike Huckabee’s recent tough talk against the dangerous Obama Iran nuclear deal, Cruz launched a verbal missile against both big government establishment RINOs, explaining why squishy Republicans tend to lose presidential elections.

Cruz rubbed salt in Romney’s wounds, bring up his failed presidential bid which allowed the worst president in American history, Barack Obama, to get re-elected. Cruz addressed the issue straight on.

“So Mitt Romney’s tweet today said, ‘Gosh, this rhetoric is not helpful,'” Cruz said. “John Adams famously said, ‘Facts are stubborn things.’ Describing the actual facts is not using rhetoric; it is called speaking the truth,” Cruz said on KFYO’s Chad Hasty Show on Thursday.

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“Part of the reason that Mitt Romney got clobbered by Barack Obama is because we all remember that third debate where Barack Obama turned to Mitt and said, ‘I said the Benghazi attack was terrorism and no one is more upset by Benghazi than I am.’ And Mitt, I guess listening to his own advice, said, ‘Well gosh, I don’t want to use any rhetoric. So OK, never mind. I’ll just kind of rearrange the pencil on the podium here,'” Cruz said, remembering the failed Romney candidacy.

“We need to stand up and speak the truth with a smile,” Cruz said raising his voice for emphasis. “The truth has power and every time we have Republicans who shy away, who don’t want to engage — who don’t want to speak the truth — we lose,” Cruz declared.

“By sending millions of dollars to these Jihadists who are trying to kill Americans, the responsibility for the murder that they carry out falls upon the people who finance them,” Cruz explained, referring to the over $100 billion windfall the terrorism-supporting country of Iran will enjoy as a result of the deal.

Cruz made the following contentions to back up his claim that if the Iran deal goes through, the Obama Regime will be the leading financier of radical Islamic terrorism in the world, an accusation the Obama has not thus far been able to refute.

“Here are the facts,” Cruz began. “Iran is today the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, that’s fact number one. Fact number two: If this deal goes through, over $100 billion in American control will flow to Iran. Fact number three: We know to an absolute certainty that a substantial portion of that over $100 billion will be Hamas, to Hezbollah, to the Houthis, to radical Islamic terrorists. And as a result, those billions of dollars in American control will be used by jihadists to murder Americans, to murder Israelis, to murder Europeans,” he asserted.

“Those are the facts,” Cruz continued. “The unavoidable consequence of those facts is if this deal goes through, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry will be the leading global financier of radical Islamic terrorism on the face of the earth.”

Cruz then rolled in defense of Mike Huckabee’s recent statement about the Obama-Kerry Iran deal, comments which referred to the deal as “idiotic,” “naive,” and is marching Israelis “to the door of the oven.”

“One of the reasons Republicans keep getting clobbered is we have leaders like Mitt Romney and like Jeb Bush who are afraid to say that,” Cruz said, refuting RINO Bush’s contention on MSNBC that Huckabee’s comments are “just wrong” and that “kind of language” shouldn’t be used. “It’s not a question of rhetoric.”

“Jeb Bush is wrong,” Cruz told Hasty.  “We shouldn’t shy away from saying that.”


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Matthew K. Burke
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