Ted Cruz Hammers Donald Trump on the Issue that Hurts the Most [VIDEO]

In advance of the March 22 Arizona primary, a loud and energetic audience attended a Ted Cruz rally in Phoenix, Arizona Friday evening, where a live one-hour special edition of Sean Hannity’s FOX News program was broadcast around the constitutional conservative’s campaign rally.

A standing room only crowd filled the auditorium at Arizona Christian University while Sen. Mike Lee , Rick Perry and Carly Fiorina, as well as Glenn Beck, fired up an already enthusiastic audience.

As Carly Fiorina was introduced to the stage, the uproarious audience erupted in shouts of “VP! VP! VP!,” a strong indication that, at least this Arizona crowd saw the former presidential candidate to be a favored running mate candidate should Cruz become the eventual Republican nominee.

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Cruz hit current GOP frontrunner, bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump, hard on the cornerstone issues of his campaign, border security and illegal immigration, noting that he’s not going to let Trump suddenly say he’s a stickler on the issues considering his long history of being the moneyman for open border Democrats.

“Donald Trump has made immigration central to his campaign, and yet, Donald Trump for 40 years has been funding open-border Democrats. 

The Gang of Eight — the Gang of Eight amnesty group — Donald Trump funded the Gang of Eight. He gave over $50,000 to five members of the Gang of Eight. 

And so he talks about immigration a lot, but listen, anyone who has funded open-border Democrats for 40 years doesn’t get to suddenly say they’re going to secure the borders.”

Cruz, who spent the earlier part of the day in the border town of Douglas, AZ, said that the “border fence [in Arizona] is so dilapidated that his daughters [ages 5 & 7) could climb that fence.”

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Sean Hannity, who interviewed Ted Cruz for the hour, but has been under considerable fire on social media for being in the tank of fellow New Yorker Donald Trump along with FOX News mouthpieces Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Andrea Tantaros, etc., etc., avoided any questions that would give Cruz space to directly attack Trump (although Cruz did sneak in a few like the one above).

Hannity began his line of questioning basically asking Cruz when he was going to get aboard the Trump Train, even though over 60 percent of Republicans oppose Trump, who has the highest negatives in the history of polling, making it virtually impossible to defeat Hillary Clinton, or any other Democrat in a general election.

Sean Hannity will be holding a one-hour broadcast for Donald Trump, conveniently on Monday in Arizona, one day before the Arizona primary. Don’t look for any tough questions about Trump’s mob ties or when he will release his tax returns, as other candidates have done. There won’t be any.


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Matthew K. Burke
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