Ted Cruz Gets a HUGE Birthday Present in New National Poll

Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz skyrocketed a whopping 8 percent to within 4 percent of Donald Trump in the latest Quinnipiac University national presidential poll, a poll released on the Texas Senator’s 45th birthday.

Trump now leads Cruz 28-24 percent in the new national poll, the most narrow margin thus far, while Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson have both slid considerably.

Rubio came in third place at 12 percent, a five-point drop from the previous Quinnipiac poll in late November, while Carson has dropped 6 percent, indicating that Cruz’s surge has been at the expense of both declining candidates.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have been in a battle over illegal immigration with Rubio attempting to cover up his support of amnesty for illegals by confusing voters with inaccurate accusations that Cruz is also weak on immigration, a charge that has been thoroughly debunked by Senator Jeff Sessions, a staunch fighter against amnesty and staunch opponent of the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill written by Rubio. It appears that Cruz is winning that battle based upon the latest poll numbers.

RINO Chris Christie came in a distant fifth place at 6 percent, with RINO Jeb Bush, still struggling to overcome the “low energy” label attached to him by Trump, following at a paltry 4 percent. No one else in the still-crowded field of Republican presidential candidates registered over 2 percent.

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Lindsey Graham (RINO-SC) dropped out of the race on Monday, leaving 13 candidates left seeking the GOP nomination.

Cruz also now performs best in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup against likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, with Cruz tying Clinton 44-44%. Rubio, who previously did best, would now lose by 1%, while Trump would lose by 7 percent to Clinton, according to the poll.


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