Ted Cruz Gives the Response to San Bernardino Obama Will NEVER Give [VIDEO]

“We have a president right now, who at times operates as an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists.” ~ Ted Cruz, 12/2/ 15

While Obama was busy tying himself into a pretzel, trying desperately to keep open the possibility that anything — yes anything — other than Islamic terrorism was responsible for the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino on Wednesday, including the Second Amendment or workplace violence, presidential candidate Ted Cruz took a more clear, direct and politically incorrect stance.

Speaking at the Republican Jewish Coalition immediately following the attacks on Wednesday, Cruz boldly and powerfully proclaimed that even though Obama cannot and will not utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism,” and even though Obama will never admit that America is at war with the barbaric death cult, it definitely is.

After observing a moment of prayer for the families and victims of the San Bernardino Muslim couple, Cruz said as additional details were still rolling in.

“All of us are deeply concerned that this is yet another manifestation of terrorism, radical terrorism here at home. Coming on the wake of the terrorist attack in Paris, this horrific murder underscores that we are at a time of war whether or not the current administration realizes it or is willing to acknowledge it, our enemies are at war with us.

Our nation needs a wartime president to defend it [applause].

In the recent week, President Obama traveled abroad to explain that he doesn’t believe in ‘American leadership,’ that he doesn’t believe in ‘American winning.’ Quote: ‘I don’t have time for that.’

You know, I’ve gotta say — FDR and JFK and Ronald Reagan were spinning in their graves to hear an American president say he doesn’t believe in American leadership or winning.”

Ted Cruz went on to say that if he’s elected president, he will borrow the strategy articulated from Ronald Reagan during the Cold War with the now defunct communist USSR, when fighting radical Islamic terrorism — “We win, they lose.”

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Cruz said that the first thing the next president should do is “speak the truth” and stop the “beyond the point of ridiculous,” “politically correct double-speak” coming out of the Obama Regime.

“When the president stands up and says, ‘The Islamic State isn’t Islamic,” that’s just nutty,” Cruz opined to loud applause. “We need a president who will call the enemy by it’s name, radical Islamic terrorism, and we will defeat it,” he proclaimed.

“When it comes to speaking the truth, this administration does precisely the opposite,” Cruz asserted. “We have a president right now, who at times operates as an apologist for radical Islamic terrorists,” Cruz asserted.


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