Ted Cruz: ‘Greatest Fraud’ of ‘Entire Campaign’ is Trump’s ‘Outsider’ Status

Ted Cruz appeared with NBC News’ Chuck Todd on Meet the Press on Sunday discussing the GOP race, the upcoming Indiana primary on Tuesday, and shameful establishment RINO squish John Boehner calling Cruz “Lucifer in the flesh.”

Chuck Todd was much more combative than usual, badgering Cruz repeatedly, sounding more like Donald Trump’s campaign manager than a journalist, asking Cruz over and over again to support Trump as the GOP nominee. Ted Cruz didn’t take the bait.

But in response to a question from Todd about Boehner’s mean-spirited comments, Cruz turned lemons into lemonade by pointing out that Boehner also mentioned that he and Donald Trump are “golfing and texting buddies.”

Cruz revealed that he doesn’t really know John Boehner, but that Donald Trump, John Boehner and Hillary Clinton are all part of the corrupt “Washington Cartel” and that the “greatest fraud” perpetuated during this election cycle is that Donald Trump is not part of the political establishment.

Moreover, Cruz joked that perhaps Boehner is auditioning to be Donald Trump’s VP running mate (emphasis added):

“Chuck, it’s actually a good illustration. During the government shutdown I reached out and– and offered for Mike Lee and me to come over and sit down with– with the speaker and majority leader. And Boehner said, “No interest. No value. I’m not willing to talk to you.”

So I don’t know him at all. But what was interesting about Boehner’s comments is he praised Hillary Clinton. He thinks she’s terrific. And he praised Donald Trump, he said Donald is his friend, he’s his texting and golfing buddy. Listen, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and John Boehner are all– they are the Washington cartel. It is the corruption of Washington.

And– and this is where, with all respect, a lotta the folks in the media don’t understand. That’s what people are ticked off at. The greatest fraud in this entire election is Donald pretending he’s some sort of outsider. Donald and Hillary are the ultimate Washington insiders. They have been enmeshed in the corruption. If you like John Boehner, if you want a presidential candidate like John Boehner, then Donald Trump is your candidate.

In fact, I saw those comments and kinda thought Boehner was auditioning to be Trump’s VP candidate.

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As we reported last week, Boehner’s friendship with the bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor came with benefits. In 2012, Donald Trump gave $100,000 to Boehner’s Super PAC.



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