Ted Cruz Hits HARD in Assessment of First #DemDebate: ‘An Audition For Who Would Wear The Jackboot’

Constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who just moved up to third place in this week’s FOX News poll, soaring to double digits, but still behind Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, is not known as one to pull punches. His reaction to the first Democrat presidential debate didn’t change that perception of the principled Texas senator.

“It was more socialism, more pacifism, more weakness and less Constitution,” Cruz told a crowd at a campaign stop in Iowa on Wednesday. “It was a recipe to destroy a country.” the silver-tongued Cruz proclaimed, The Dallas Morning News Reports.

Ted Cruz didn’t stop there, saying that the cabal of hardcore leftists were auditioning to continue the dictatorial and unconstitutional tyranny of the Obama Regime, saying the Democrat candidates were in an “audition for who would wear the jackboot most vigorously.”

“We’re seeing our freedoms taken away every day and last night was an audition for who would wear the jackboot most vigorously. Last night was an audition for who would embrace government power, for who would strip your and my individual liberties.”

Cruz said that the Democrat candidates are set to continue the failed policies of the Obama Regime and found it interesting how the Democrat candidates scrambled to the left to see who could be a bigger socialist than Bernie Sanders, a former “Independent” senator who was too far left for the Democrat Party, but rejoined to run for the presidency.

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“Every one of the Democratic candidates is agreed on doubling down on the failed Obama strategies. So it was really quite interesting for America to see each and every Democratic candidate explain how they’re every bit as socialist as Bernie Sanders is,” Cruz said.

Ted Cruz said that it was disappointing that the Democrat presidential candidates pushed for “an even weaker America,” and how the cabal of socialists explained how they would avoid conflict with “the lunatics who want to kill us.”

“It was interesting for America to see each and every Democratic candidate explain how what we need is an even weaker America, how we should withdraw even more from America” – he probably meant to say the world – “[and] avoid any conflict whatsoever with Iran, with Russia, with ISIS, with the lunatics who want to kill us.”

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Cruz didn’t stop there with his hard-hitting truth bombs on Wednesday in Iowa. Cruz slammed the #BlackLivesMatter Marxist hate group for promoting violence against police officers, when they chanted at a rally in late August, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!”

“If you look at the Black Live Matter movement, one of the most disturbing things is more than one of their protests have embraced rabid rhetoric, rabid anti-police language, literally suggesting and embracing and celebrating the murder of police officers, Cruz said. “That is disgraceful.”

At Tuesday’s Democrat debate, the dem candidates all caved to the PC police, saying that only black lives matter, that all lives don’t matter, when given a choice of the two phrases.

Only former Virginia Democrat Senator Jim Webb, a war hero who was the Secretary of the Navy during the Reagan Administration, said that as president of the United States, “All lives matter.”

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Matthew K. Burke
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