Ted Cruz Just Landed the Endorsement of a Major Conservative Icon

Legendary conservative icon Richard Viguerie, a pioneer of the political direct mail industry and author, announced on his website, ConservativeHQ, that “Republicans must nominate a candidate who we know will govern according to constitutional principles,” Ted Cruz.

“I endorse Ted Cruz for President,” the headline states. “What are we conservatives waiting for?” Viguerie asks.

Ted Cruz is the candidate, according to Viguerie, “who is capable of drawing a clear contrast with Hillary Clinton and the Democrats on the issues of importance in today’s political environment, and who has the brains, talent and discipline to fight Hillary Clinton and win.”

Viguerie, who was Tea Party decades before being Tea Party was cool, urged conservatives to stop window shopping other less principled Republican candidates and to coalesce around Ted Cruz, while listing six main reasons why the Texas senator is everything that conservatives want, even comparing him to the late, great conservative President Ronald Reagan.

1.) Ted Cruz is the best presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

2.) Ted Cruz is a fighter.

3.) Ted Cruz is a leader on our issues.

4.) Ted Cruz is one of us – a movement conservative.

5.) Ted Cruz’s commitment to governing according to the Constitution is unquestioned.

6.) Even establishment commentators are saying he’s running a brilliant campaign.

“Contrary to what many in the professional political class would you to believe, Ted Cruz is a winner,” Viguerie wrote, while reminding voters that the same criticism against Ted Cruz is very similar to what the establishment and media said against Ronald Reagan.

“I am reminded that the same was said of Ronald Reagan, that the DC establishment would never support him – and they didn’t because he wanted to end the go-along-get-along system that allows both Democrats and establishment Republicans to buy votes at the taxpayers’ expense.”

Viguerie stated that the enemies of Cruz, those who Cruz refers to as the “Washington Cartel,” those cronyists in both parties who join with D.C. lobbyists to grow government against the interests of the American people, are enemies Ted Cruz has made for “all the right reasons.”

Richard Viguerie; Image Credit: ConservativeHQ.com

Richard Viguerie; Image Credit: ConservativeHQ.com

Furthermore, Viguerie made mention of current frontrunner Donald Trump, asserting that Cruz is fighting many of the same issues that Trump is fighting for, but has more “self-control” and “self-discipline” in his communications.

“Cruz’s conflicts with the Republican Party’s Capitol Hill leaders have all been about fulfilling the Party’s campaign promises. Defunding Obamacare, defunding Planned Parenthood, defunding amnesty for illegal aliens, cutting spending and standing against ISIS and Muslim terrorism are all issues that unite the vast majority of Republican voters as well as most Americans.

If Ted Cruz has made enemies among his Senate colleagues, it is for all the right reasons.

Along with Ted Cruz’s talent and zest for political combat, and consistent record of supporting conservative policy solutions, goes a methodical self-discipline and self-control that distinguish him from the longtime front runner who has been the other message-carrier for the conservative grassroots and their demand for change in Washington – Donald Trump.”

Richard Viguerie further contended that, “Ted Cruz is the only candidate who can unite the conservative coalition that is necessary to win both the nomination and defeat Hillary Clinton in November.”

Ted Cruz has jumped ahead of Trump in latest Iowa polling, and is running in second place, surpassing Dr. Ben Carson, in most recent national polls.

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The Washington Examiner announced on Tuesday that Ted Cruz had moved into first place in their proprietary Presidential Power Rankings, moving up from second place last week.

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