Ted Cruz Lands Mega Endorsement at California GOP Convention [VIDEO]

“Ted Cruz does not need tutoring to understand the Constitution of the United States.” ~ Former California Governor Pete Wilson

Pete Wilson compares Ronald Reagan replacing Jimmy Carter to Ted Cruz replacing Barack Obama

Ted Cruz has landed what is perhaps the most important endorsement he could garner in the key State of California, which has its primary on June 7, with 172 delegates at stake.

Former Republican California Governor Pete Wilson, the last (and perhaps last) republican governor before the state fundamentally transformed into a loony bin of leftism, officially and “wholeheartedly” endorsed Ted Cruz on Saturday at the California GOP convention.

Pete Wilson called the 2016 presidential race “the most important election ever”

Wilson said that America cannot suffer a “disastrous third Obama term in office,” referring to Obama as a “domestic bully and scofflaw that he has been or the foreign policy wimp.”

“Ted Cruz has already proven himself in the United States Senate as a champion of a strong national defense, Wilson proclaimed. “As a seasoned member of the United States Senate Armed Services Committee, he does not need any tutoring on the clear and present dangers to America’s national security,” he asserted.

Wilson said that the next president could potentially replace five Supreme Court justices likely to retire over the next few years, and that it is certain what kind of justices Hillary Clinton would pick, but only “Heaven knows” the type bloviating billionaire and reality TV actor Donald Trump would nominate to the bench.

“What we can know to a certainty is that Ted Cruz will choose judges who would interpret the law and not legislate it,” Wilson told his fellow California Republicans. “He is committed to preserving our constitutional liberties,” Wilson said, citing his record as a clerk for former Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist, as well as his time as solicitor general for the State of Texas as “ample evidence.”

“We can’t afford a wildcard when it comes to a president who will be making critically important Supreme Court appointments, let alone Hillary Clinton,” Wilson opined, referring to the uncertainty representing by flip-flopping Donald Trump, who changes his positions with rapid-fire speed. “Ted Cruz does not need tutoring to understand the Constitution of the United States,” Wilson declared, calling Cruz “superbly qualified.”

Pete Wilson said that Donald Trump would bring “down-ticket decimation” to the GOP, causing Republicans to lose majorities presently enjoyed in both the House of Representatives and in the U.S. Senate.

“We can’t afford a nominee in 2016, who is losing women voters at a far greater rate even than Hillary Clinton is losing men and millennials,” Wilson warned.

Pete Wilson summarized his endorsement by stating that in order for America to reach it’s crucial priorities, like repealing Obamacare, it requires a winning candidate.

“My friends, that winning candidate and I hope the Republican choice in California will be and I feel confident that it will be Senator Ted Cruz,” Wilson declared.

“Never before has the California primary election been so critical to the future of our nation. Why? Just as in the crucial moment when Ronald Reagan rescued America from Jimmy Carter’s malaise, stagflation and the first humiliation of Americans Iranian mullahs, America today is in desperate need of a strong, winning Republican leader.

And my friends, thankfully that strong Republican leader has stepped forward in our moment of extreme need.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is for that reason that I’m here today to announce to you my wholehearted endorsement and my wholehearted support of that winning Republican leader who will be the next President of the United States, Ted Cruz!”


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Matthew K. Burke
Matthew K. Burke
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