Ted Cruz Launches Two Cruz Missiles at RINO Surrender Caucus Leader, Obama’s Mitch McConnell

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Constitutional conservative presidential candidate Ted Cruz appeared on the popular radio program of another constitutional scholar, Mark Levin, on Thursday discussing a variety of topics, but the focus was on the treasonous GOP leadership. And with John “Bendover” Boehner on his way out the door, another caveman, RINO relic Mitch McConnell, is in the crosshairs.

The talk show host, nicknamed as “The Great One” by his peers and massive audience, referred to recent polling data which indicated that half of likely voters want Mitch McConnell to be put to pasture alongside Boehner, while only 23.7% said they wanted him to stay in power.

“He [Mitch McConnell] has spent more time strategizing against you [Ted Cruz] than he has strategizing against Harry Reid or Obama so when you were on the Senate floor the other day, asking your colleagues — particularly the Republicans — to join you in defunding Planned Parenthood, not going through the fan dance, but the real way, and defunding this give nukes to Iran deal, McConnell did something extraordinary,” Levin began.

“He insured — or assured — that your fellow colleagues would not support you in any way and that they would not go on record opposing you. What do you make of this?” Levin asked Cruz.

“That is exactly right. He [Mitch McConnell] desperately wanted to block a vote on preventing Planned Parenthood from getting taxpayer funds, even though they were filmed, apparently, committing a pattern of felonies — illegally selling body parts of unborn children — and he desperately wanted to block a vote on actually stopping this catastrophic Iran deal,” Cruz explained.

Cruz told Levin that if GOP leadership really believed their own words — if they really believed that the Obama-Kerry Iran nuclear deal is the greatest national security threat facing America — then they would be using every constitutional power possible to stop it.

Instead, Cruz revealed that Republican “leadership” spends most of their time attacking the principled conservatives in the House and Senate, while allowing the Obama Regime and his henchmen like Democrat Senator Harry Reid to run roughshod over them.

“Here’s the sad reality, Mark. Republican leadership spend most of their time fighting conservatives. They view you and me and every one of your listeners as the enemy.

They don’t fight Obama — they don’t fight Harry Reid. When I’m battling in the Senate, it’s not Harry Reid who’s fighting on the other side. He’s usually sitting there laughing — watching Republican leadership to everything they can do to stifle conservatives.”

Ted Cruz fired back at the notion being propagandized around leftist media, promulgated by McConnell and fellow presidential candidate Rand Paul (Paul endorsed McConnell in his 2014 re-election bid), that Cruz has no following in the Senate. Cruz effectively blasted that narrative completely out of the water.

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The Senator from Texas brilliantly turned the tables on McConnell, pointing out that a solid of majority in the Senate voted with him on defunding Planned Butcherhood and the Iran deal, but 100 percent of Democrats voted with McConnell and Boehner.

“If you look at the vote on Planned Parenthood and Iran, 58 percent of Republicans voted with me [against funding]. In contrast, do you know what percent of congressional Democrats voted with Mitch McConnell and John Boehner?

100 percent!

Every single Democrat in Congress voted with Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

Now, Republican leadership ought to be at least a little troubled that 58 percent of Republicans are voting with me, and the one thing they’re able to lead, is the Democrats, and they do it by agreeing to fund every one of Barack Obama’s failed liberal policies.” 

It sounds like Ted Cruz is making the case the RINO leadership is playing for the wrong team. Many, many principled conservatives across America feel the same way.

There is beginning to be a groundswell of support for McConnell to resign from his post as Senate Majority Leader, to be the next RINO to move along after Boehner’s resignation.

Since Boehner’s resignation, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Congressman Matt Salmon from Arizona, and one of John McCain’s primary challengers, Alex Meluskey, have called for Mitch McConnell to step-down.

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